When the liver begins to harden, two spots will turn black and two places will stink. If one does not occupy it, enjoy it secretly

Liver cirrhosis is a very serious liver disease. Generally speaking, the liver becomes hard. Once the liver hardens, its normal function will be greatly weakened, and other diseases of the body will also be caused. < / P > < p > after the occurrence of liver cirrhosis, if not timely conditioning and treatment, it is likely to lead to liver “paralysis”. So, the signal that liver cirrhosis sends when coming, must discover in time. < / P > < p > many people know that if you often stay up late, it will lead to obvious dark circles. This is due to the increase of toxins in the body. In fact, the root cause is liver disease. And the liver appeared inflammation, even if do not stay up late, may also cause dark circles. < / P > < p > once the liver becomes hard, the metabolic process will be hindered, resulting in toxins and dirt in the body can not be discharged in time. When these toxins and dirt enter the blood vessels, they will circulate with the blood. Because the skin around the eyes is very thin, it will appear to be significantly blackened. < / P > < p > the blackening of the face must be due to diseases in the body, which may be caused by liver cirrhosis. After the liver hardens, the decomposition and metabolism function will be weakened, resulting in the body’s iron can not be metabolized normally, the body’s iron will be more and more. Too much iron into the blood vessels, will follow the blood circulation, so will cause the face to look obviously black. < / P > < p > the smell of urine is generally not too bad smell. If you find that the smell of urine is very strong, and there is a fishy smell, there must be something wrong with the body. This situation is probably caused by liver cirrhosis. < p > < p > after the occurrence of cirrhosis, liver function will be seriously reduced, and the ability to inhibit methionine will also be reduced, resulting in methionine producing more sulfide. The sulfide in the body increases to a certain extent, and it is inevitable that a part of the urine will be discharged, so that the urine odor is heavy. The occurrence of this symptom indicates that liver disease has been very serious and should be treated in time. < p > < p > after the occurrence of liver cirrhosis, there will be obstacles in the process of metabolism of ammonia and nitrogen in the body, which leads to the failure of timely decomposition and transformation of ammonia and nitrogen. Once the concentration of these two substances increases, it will lead to the increase of ammonia and nitrogen in the body. < p > < p > according to the survey, the probability of liver cirrhosis in long-term alcoholics is very high. Long term drinking does great harm to the liver. Alcohol entering the human body needs to be decomposed and metabolized. In the process of metabolism, it will produce a harmful substance called acetaldehyde. In fact, compared with alcohol, moldy food is the “culprit” of liver cirrhosis. In summer, the most common moldy food is fruit, some people are more frugal, if the fruit at home is not completely moldy, continue to eat. < p > < p > in fact, this practice is not advisable. Fruit mildew will produce aflatoxin, which is a highly toxic bacteria, once it enters the human body, it will directly poison liver cells. If you often eat moldy fruit, it is easy to cause liver hardening. Therefore, food moldy, should be thrown away decisively. < / P > < p > in order to have a healthy body and reduce the probability of liver cirrhosis, it is necessary to form a good habit of insisting on exercise. More exercise can promote the metabolism of the body, so as to reduce the burden of detoxification of the liver, and then reduce the toxin in the body. More exercise can also enhance the body’s disease resistance, thereby reducing the probability of disease. < / P > < p > at ordinary times, you can choose your favorite aerobic sports, such as yoga, running, walking, etc. If you are usually slow, you can take time to exercise after work and try to keep exercising for an hour every day. In short, sports need to adhere to, choose a sport you like, long-term persistence, your body will certainly get better and better. 08/16/2020