When the pregnant woman gives birth naturally, is it very shy to “defecate” on the delivery bed? Listen to the scientific explanation

Many women think that during the pregnancy in October, all kinds of things have been very embarrassing, but in fact, when we give birth, we will also have some embarrassing situations, but these embarrassing situations have been used to by doctors.

some time ago, when my best friend gave birth, I saw in an article that when I gave birth, I was likely to excrete. When I saw this article, my best friend swore to me that it was absolutely impossible for me to have such a situation. And in order to avoid this embarrassing thing, my best friend went to the toilet many times before delivery to solve her physiological problems.

but accidents always happen. During childbirth, what my best friend tries to do is not the child, but the stool. When she says the oath, she immediately hits her face. Moreover, she is very embarrassed when she appears in front of the doctor.

but the doctor on one side was very calm. He said to the nurse next to him to clean up, and told his best friend to focus and not to be distracted. It’s OK.

for some pregnant women, incontinence during childbirth is really embarrassing and shy, but this situation has long been taken for granted by some doctors, so it is unnecessary for pregnant women to pay too much attention to it. But some pregnant women are also very tangled, why such an embarrassing situation?

in the process of childbirth, the reason why there is such an embarrassing situation is that during childbirth, the child’s head does not turn back, overwhelming the mother’s rectum, thus causing pressure on the rectum. Therefore, the mother has a very strong sense of defecation. In addition, the feeling of giving birth to a child is the same as that of defecation. Therefore, the mother has incontinence What’s going on.

when some women were in childbirth, although there was a rupture of the amniotic fluid, there was no contractions, so doctors usually injected the pregnant women with prostatic gel to induce labor. However, the prostatic gel can help the puerpera to moisten the intestines.

before giving birth, puerpera will eat a lot of food to ensure their physical strength, which is also advocated by doctors. However, if puerpera eat too much and do not excrete these foods in time, it is easy to excrete them during delivery.

although doctors are used to these phenomena for a long time, pregnant women still feel embarrassed. If you want to avoid embarrassment, you need to know how to prevent it.

in fact, the best preventive effect is that pregnant women have to go to the toilet before childbirth, and before childbirth, doctors usually ask whether they want to excrete, which seems to be a very normal sentence, but in fact, correct can reduce embarrassment in the process of childbirth.

pregnant women must not eat too much before childbirth. Although eating more before childbirth can increase their own calories to help them and have more energy to go to childbirth, the food they eat must be light, so as to reduce the excretion rate, and even the excretion will not be heavy because the food we eat is too messy Taste.

in a word, in the process of production, excretion behavior is very normal. Although doctors have been used to it for a long time, if mothers don’t want to be too embarrassed, they should know how to control their diet and make corresponding preparations before delivery. If it happens, please accept it. Don’t feel shy and affect your whole delivery process. Next