When you buy milk, do you want it in bags or in boxes? Supermarket employees, don’t make mistakes

Now is a time of high social development, and our quality of life has been significantly improved. People no longer worry about starvation. Breakfast is becoming more and more abundant, not just noodles and steamed stuffed buns. Now the standard breakfast must have a cup of soybean milk. Especially when children are growing up, calcium supplement and nutrition supplement are needed. Many children have a glass of milk every morning and evening, It is conceivable that the choice of milk is very critical. Many people think that what they buy is high calcium milk, which is actually sour milk. Last week, I was wandering in the supermarket and found that there was not much milk at home. Last time a friend told me to take it. This time, I was going to take a closer look. The supermarket strongly recommended several brands and said that this kind of milk is cost-effective. I said that I wanted to buy pure milk, and I was very patient to teach me how to distinguish pure milk from prepared milk. There are many brands on the shelf, including bags and boxes I don’t know how to choose. I think many Xiaobai, like me, don’t know how to choose. Next, I’d like to share it with you. When you buy milk, do you want it in bags or in boxes? Supermarket employees, don’t make mistakes. < / P > < p > when we buy milk, whether it is bagged milk or boxed milk, we must carefully watch the ingredient list. The ingredient list of pure milk is raw milk. If there are these three words, if the ingredient list is very complicated, add a lot of additives and other substances, it must be blended milk. China’s General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people’s Republic of China has food management regulations. The content of food is marked in descending order. The simpler the ingredient list is, the better. As long as we pack it in bags or boxes, the bottle has “raw milk”, and milk without other additives is pure milk. < / P > < p > we can also see the protein content in the ingredient list. Many people’s milk protein content is very low. Of course, the higher the protein content, the higher the protein content. We drink milk to supplement protein and calcium. Under normal circumstances, the protein content should be higher than 3 G, and higher than 3.6 g belongs to high quality milk. We must choose high protein milk, which is very suitable for small size Friends drink. < / P > < p > many people buy pure milk to supplement calcium, which is also the main source of calcium supplement. Choosing milk depends on the content of calcium. Generally, milk with more than 120mg 100ml is milk with better quality, and less than 120mg 100ml is not pure milk, which has no great effect on calcium supplement. < / P > < p > storage method: fresh milk should be immediately placed in a cool place, and finally refrigerated in the refrigerator. Do not let the fresh milk be exposed to the sun, which will easily lead to the loss of vitamin and the original taste of milk. < / P > < p > in fact, many of our parents start to drink milk when they are young. Many people buy prepared milk, which is our common sour milk and breakfast milk. In fact, the calcium content is very low, which can not play the role of calcium supplement. When we buy milk, don’t just look at the price, as long as the bottle has the word “raw milk”, it is definitely pure milk. < / P > < p > don’t just look at the brand and price of milk. Learn the above three skills to ensure that they are pure milk with high calcium content. Have you learned to choose pure milk? Focus