When you take off your pants, a lot of white dust will fall off your legs? May be lack of this nutrient, timely supplement

Before going to bed at night, when many people take off their pants, they will find a lot of white debris falling from their legs. The white debris floating everywhere makes people feel very uncomfortable. And this kind of dandruff can’t be completely washed off. Even if you take a bath every day, there will still be a lot of dandruff on your legs.

I believe you will find that in summer, there is no white scurf on your legs, only in winter. This is because the climate in winter is relatively dry, and the skin is prone to water shortage. When the skin is short of water, it will lead to the decrease of oil secreted by the skin. When the skin’s oil secretion decreases, it will not be able to form a sebum membrane to protect the skin, and the cuticle of the skin will drop a piece of white dust. Therefore, the white scurf on the leg is actually the cuticle.

if you have some bad habits, such as drinking little water, too high temperature of bath water, bathing too frequently, not applying skin cream after bathing, staying up late for a long time, etc., it may lead to dry skin, and when the skin is dry, it is easy to produce dandruff.

therefore, when the weather is relatively dry, it is recommended that you apply some skin cream to protect your skin after taking a bath. Because after the bath, the oil on the surface of the skin has been washed off. If the moisturizing work is not done well, the moisture in the skin will be lost quickly, resulting in the skin becoming extremely dry, and finally the appearance of dandruff.

in addition to bad living habits can lead to skin dandruff, skin problems can also cause the generation of dandruff. If you find that your skin not only has the production of white chips, but also the surface of the skin cracks like fish scales one by one, and the itching is unbearable. Even after applying the skin care cream, the cracks are still not eliminated, and there are still white chips, it means that there is a problem with the skin. In this case, should go to the hospital dermatology department for examination as soon as possible, lest the situation become more serious.

if the skin is very dry, it is easy to produce dandruff, which may be caused by the lack of vitamin A in the body. Many people have this situation, even if drink more water, more skin care, dry skin is always unable to alleviate, which indicates that the body may lack vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency of the skin oil secretion will be reduced, so that the skin will become abnormal dry, tarnish, hair follicles will become prominent. If you encounter this situation, you should supplement vitamin A in time, and eat some foods rich in vitamin A, such as eggs, spinach, broccoli, mango, etc.

in fact, most people’s legs are mainly caused by bad habits. If you want to avoid them, it is recommended that you change your bad habits in time, add water properly, control the water temperature when taking a bath, take a bath not too frequently, and apply skin care products that moisten the skin after taking a bath. Diet, eat food rich in vitamin A, keep enough sleep, can maintain the normal state of the skin.

to sum up, when you take off your pants, the white scurf is actually the cuticle of the skin, usually because the skin is too dry. We can make improvements according to the above suggestions. However, if the condition of dandruff has not been alleviated, then it is due to skin diseases. It is best to seek medical treatment in time, because only by finding the cause can this situation be solved from the root. 08/16/2020