Where did all the “removed” fetuses go in the end? Doctor: there are three outcomes

After the Ninth Five-Year Plan, although Xiaoliu looks young, she has been promoted to be a baby’s mother. Recently, a very distressing thing happened to Xiao Liu. As a mother, Xiao Liu was pregnant again recently. < / P > < p > this may be very good news for other families. After all, now that the two-child policy is open, many people hope to have a second child. However, for Xiao Liu, the result is very melancholy. After all, if the child is born, it will make the family which is not rich even worse, so she has been struggling After that, Xiao Liu finally decided to have an abortion. < / P > < p > after the operation, Xiao Liu hopes to have another look at her child. After all, the child was brutally deprived of the right to survive before she was born. Xiao Liu could not help crying when she saw the child. For her, it was a helpless decision. Before Xiao Liu recovered from his grief, the hospital had already taken away the baby’s body. < / P > < p > so, like Xiao Liu’s children, what’s the outcome of those knocked out children, and where are the “removed” fetuses? Doctor: there are three outcomes < / P > < p > in most cases, the children who are knocked out because of abortion will be discarded as medical waste. Generally, large hospitals will store these fetuses together with medical waste for treatment before incineration. Because there are a lot of bacteria in it, if it is burned directly without treatment, it will affect the health of the people around. < / P > < p > for some relatively small hospitals, they may directly throw the children’s body to the crematorium for cremation. Most of the children who have been knocked out have congenital defects, or because of their parents’ financial ability and other reasons, they have no way to let these children come to this beautiful world, so they will choose abortion. The hospital’s treatment is to cremate the baby’s body directly. < / P > < p > for those non-standard hospitals, the situation of these displaced children is that they are thrown away like garbage. Usually, these institutions will throw their garbage to places that are inaccessible to people or relatively remote garbage collection sites. And it’s mostly the brutal way that the more sinister clinics treat the bodies of these children. < / P > < p > after learning about the various outcomes of these beaten up children, the vast majority of people feel very sad and feel the value of life. < / P > < p > only children who understand the importance of life will cherish their lives more. At the same time, we should let the children know that in order to bring them to the world, the mother’s suffering is not only to conceive in October, but also to experience the pain of grade 12 rib fracture, so as to bring a child to the world completely. In order to raise children, parents also spend a lot of time and energy, as well as their precious youth, in order to make children thrive. Only in this way can children know how valuable their lives are and learn to cherish their lives. < / P > < p > for some children with low self-esteem, if they encounter other people’s violence at school or in society, their choice is not to stand up and identify those who cause them harm, but to bear it silently and even commit suicide. This is inseparable from the children’s personality. < / P > < p > if parents can cultivate their children’s brave and strong character, when they face all kinds of difficulties, challenges, or bullying from others, they will choose to stand up for themselves bravely, use legal weapons to protect themselves, and let their children understand that life is very valuable. Don’t give up your life because of your weakness Life. Everyone’s life is only once, but the setbacks we encounter in our life are countless. If we want to solve problems by ending our life because of every setback and difficulty, then this practice is just escapism. < / P > < p > parents give us life. Therefore, we should treat the parents who have given us life with gratitude. In family education, parents should let their children learn to be grateful and let them understand that life is hard won. Respect for life is also an expression of gratitude to parents. < / P > < p > for every parent, it’s a great thing to bring a new life to this beautiful world. For a child, we must learn to protect ourselves and cherish our lives. Don’t make parents or friends sad because of some small setbacks and difficulties. The beautiful world is worth every child teasing for ten years. Life is in a hurry. Don’t give up our life because of something not worth it. We should learn to love life, love all the good things in life. PARRENT&CHILDREN