Where does the body smell come from? Why is there smell and fragrance? Two kinds of body odor, suggesting that the body is not very good

Everyone has their own unique smell, which is body odor. People’s body odor has a “chemical reaction” to the opposite sex, which can stimulate the opposite sex and bring their own charm to each other. If your exclusive body odor is fragrant, it can shorten the distance between people and bring favor to people. But if your body odor is smelly, many people will be disgusted with you and stay away from you.

everyone’s body odor mainly comes from sweat, which also has “taste”. Once people sweat, they can form a unique body odor. Later, scientists found that body odor is also related to genes and human microbes.

when it comes to odour, the first thing we can think of is girls who smell fragrant. They smell mostly from perfume, shampoo and various cosmetics, so their body odor is fragrant and whether they attract people depends on the products they use. But there is also a sudden situation, that is, using the same product, but the taste is different from others, this phenomenon is related to human metabolism.

different people eat different foods every day. Some people like light food, while others like spicy and greasy food. The metabolic capacity of the human body is different, so the sweat and metabolites generated after metabolism are not the same. These metabolites are odorous. Due to the differences in diet habits and metabolic functions, the mixed metabolites also have different odors. People who prefer spicy food may smell smelly.

the amount of sweating per person is mainly determined by genes. Many people think that sweating makes body odor. In fact, this statement is not accurate. The sweat we just excreted has no odor. The main components of sweat are mercaptans, steroids and acids, which are colorless and tasteless. The reason why body odor becomes odorous is related to the microorganisms on the skin. Sweat is the raw material for the transformation of these microorganisms. When the amount of sweat excreted by the human body increases, there will be more raw materials for the fermentation of these microorganisms, and the fermented product is odorous, so body odor is odorous.

① if your body smell is similar to rotten apples, and you are also a patient with hyperglycemia, you’d better go to the hospital for examination when you have this kind of body smell. It may be ketoacidosis, which leads to abnormal insulin secretion and body damage.

② if the body smell is similar to that of urine, it may be that there is a problem with the kidney function in the body, abnormal renal metabolism leads to abnormal urine excretion, and the body has “urine smell”, which needs to be checked in time.

in a word, the body smell will also change when the health condition in the human body changes. At present, the research in this field abroad is more in-depth. Now, the detection method of “detecting whether a person is suffering from cancer by smelling the body smell of a dog” has appeared in the United States, and the accuracy rate is very high.

the body odor of the elderly may be smelly, which is different from that of the young people. It is mainly due to the aging and degradation of human cells and tissues, which leads to the decline of metabolic level. If the waste in the elderly can not be eliminated in time, there will be a residual odor on the body. Moreover, some elderly people do not pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, and their clothes are not replaced in time, resulting in the increase of bacteria inside and outside the body, resulting in the aggravation of odor.

to sum up, the key to the smell of human body is whether he pays attention to cleanliness. Only one person is diligent in taking a bath and keeps himself clean. No matter how much sweat he sweats, he will not smell too bad. However, we advise you to pay attention to the above two kinds of “disease odor”. If it occurs for a long time, it is better to go to the hospital for examination in time. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging