Where does the “old man flavor” come from? Reminder: after the age of 50, there are three things to do less

Many people in the process of aging will find that there is a bad smell on the body, which is called the smell of old age. In order to avoid that the special smell on the body is obviously far away, it is necessary to know what the source of these odor is first, and then prevent it in the correct way. Otherwise, the persistence of special smell on the body is related to some diseases, and other adverse symptoms may appear if we do not pay attention to it. Therefore, it is very important to know what the source of the old-age odor is in time.

there are rich sources of old-age smell on the body, especially the poor diet leads to the decline of gastric function, and the oral cavity will emit bad smell. In addition, do not pay attention to the cleaning of the body, there is a health problem, a large number of bacteria after the body will stink. Some people also because of the impact of disease lead to reduced excretion of toxins, or produce some substances with special odor, which will make the body smell old. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures by understanding the source of aging flavor.

after the age of 50, we should try to eat less stimulating food, because in the process of aging, the gastrointestinal function will also have a downward trend, if we still ignore the importance of light diet, regular intake of stimulating food will damage gastric function, gastric mucosa will continue to be stimulated, acid reflux and digestion may occur in the process of functional decline Bad and other conditions, the mouth is more likely to produce odor.

if the patient is still infected with Helicobacter pylori, the gastric function will further decline, and the elderly stomach will become more obvious. In order to eliminate these special odors, a light diet is essential.

after the age of 50, we can’t always neglect hygiene. Paying attention to personal hygiene is the key to eliminate the smell of old age. Because it is easier to breed bacteria without paying attention to hygiene, and the dirt and grease on the skin are not removed in time. It is easy to accumulate and smell bad after accumulation.

in order to actively alleviate this situation, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene. At ordinary times, the body should be cleaned to maintain a clean and hygienic state. In addition, the elderly should change clothes in time, through these ways can make the body odor disappear.

after the age of 50, they can’t hold their urine all the time. Many people’s renal function is related to long-term urine holding. After they have a sense of urination, they don’t go to the toilet for the first time. Because of the influence of holding urine, renal tubular reabsorbs harmful substances in urine. Once the kidney changes, urine excretion is affected, and urine concentration and toxin accumulation occur, It also makes you smell special.

therefore, in the process of actively preventing kidney disease, we should maintain good living habits, feel that we want to urinate and go to the toilet in time, so as to maintain the normal function of urinary system. Information sharing for epilepsy patients