Where does the old man smell from? If we do well in the three measures, we will not stink at 60

It’s not the smell of sweat, but the smell from the old man’s body. Although the smell of old people will not have a great impact on the elderly, sometimes the strong smell of old people will bring discomfort to the people around them.

many people have misunderstandings about it. They think that as long as people reach a certain age, they will have this taste. In fact, this understanding is one-sided. There are five reasons for the appearance of the old man’s taste:

if the old man sweats a lot and is not clean and hygienic at ordinary times, the sweat will fuse with the bacteria and microorganisms on the body surface, and the sweat is the raw material for the transformation of these microorganisms. If the old man sweats a lot at ordinary times and does not take a bath, there will be more raw materials for the microbial “fermentation”. Finally, the products fermented by microorganisms will stay on the old man, which will form the old man’s taste It’s old age stink.

there is another saying, that is, the antioxidants in the skin of the elderly become less. When people reach the age of 40, the skin will secrete 2-nonenal which has a bad smell. The more this substance is, and it lacks the protection of antioxidants. When 2-nonenal is oxidized in the air, the smell of the elderly will be greater.

the elderly are old, their body functions are declining, their gastrointestinal digestion function is slow, and the food they eat is not digested in place, which leads to halitosis. In addition, the elderly also face the situation of missing teeth and rotten teeth, which increases the risk of suffering from oral diseases. A peculiar smell will be emitted from the elderly’s mouth, which may come from the intestinal tract or oral inflammation.

this kind of situation is very common. Male elderly people are more or less affected by prostate enlargement and benign prostatic hyperplasia, while female elderly people suffer from urinary incontinence and vaginitis, resulting in the symptoms of leakage and endless urine. If the urine stains stay on the clothes and are not cleaned in time, there will be odor over time.

in case of senile odor, it should be timely identified as “disease odor”. Studies have found that when people suffer from diabetes, kidney disease, chronic bronchitis, cancer, the body will send out strange odor.

① when the elderly have a similar “smell of urine”, beware of kidney function problems. Abnormal renal metabolic function will affect micturition, and then induce the smell of urine;

where does the smell of the elderly come from? Through the above introduction, I believe you have a general idea. If you want to prevent this smell of the elderly, what measures should the elderly take?

the smell of the elderly is mostly lazy and dirty. It can reduce the number of bacteria on the body surface to let the elderly bathe frequently. In addition, due to the slow metabolism of the elderly, a large number of bacteria grow in their mouth, so it is suggested that the elderly at home develop the habit of brushing their teeth and gargling to reduce the taste of the elderly. For people who can especially sweat, they can use antiperspirant or antiperspirant gel to cover up the smell of old people.

smoking can make the mouth have a strong tar smell, and drinking can also bring bad smell to the mouth. It is suggested that the elderly who are still smoking and drinking should reduce the frequency of smoking and drinking. And pay attention to the daily diet, eat less easily inflamed food, including beef and mutton, pig large intestine, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, etc., eat more fruits and vegetables, increase nutrition, improve the body immunity.

most of the old people will have “the smell of old people”. What the children have to do is to find out the abnormality in time and help the old people remove the pathogenic factors in time. Do the above three measures well, the elderly will not stink when they are 60, and they can prolong their life. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this