Whether the liver is healthy or not depends on whether the body has these six conditions. If so, we should pay attention to them

Nowadays, many people not only drink too much, but also like to stay up late to brush their mobile phones, which makes them prone to liver problems. The liver has a great impact on the body, if you want to keep healthy, the body can not do without detoxification function.

you may often hear the signal of liver lesions, which is the saying of “two yellow, two smelly and two red”, but you don’t know what it means. Let me introduce these six signals to you today.

after liver problems, the secretion of bilirubin in human body is abnormal and cannot be discharged in time. When the bilirubin level in the blood is too high, it can lead to yellow eyes. In severe cases, the skin color of the body turns yellow as a whole.

liver is an important detoxification organ. Liver damage can lead to problems in human detoxification. One of the obvious symptoms is yellow urine. One might think that the health of urine is only affected by the kidneys. This view is wrong. Liver problems can cause the body to produce too much bilirubin. When bilirubin is removed from the urine, the urine turns yellow. In addition to urine yellowing, liver disease can also cause urine odor, which makes it appear obvious rotten odor. If this happens, consider the liver.

the decline of liver function will affect the metabolism of the whole body, and then affect the normal gastrointestinal function of the human body, leading to indigestion. Food can’t digest properly. If it stays in the intestine and stomach for a long time, it will produce a lot of odor gas. After these gases are discharged from the mouth, it will produce halitosis and trouble everyone.

when the liver is damaged, the excessive accumulation of metabolic waste in the body will be discharged through sweat glands, which will lead to obvious body odor problems in the human body, and the sweat stains are mainly yellow. This is the long-term stay up late life pressure and irregular life, resulting in liver fire exuberant, and will produce mood fluctuations.

this is because after the liver function problems, it will cause endocrine disorders, unable to timely decompose estrogen, stimulate small arteries, and may appear red hands. Especially in the thenar and hypothenar area, there will be obvious erythema.

after liver damage, other parts of the body may be abnormal except hands. There are obvious red nevi on the neck, arms, chest, abdomen and other parts. If a large number of red nevi appear in these areas, it indicates that the liver is damaged. It is already very serious and needs to be treated immediately.

the liver has a certain coagulation function. When there is a problem with the liver, the coagulation function will also be affected. The human body is prone to abnormal bleeding, such as nosebleed and gingival bleeding. At this time, you must be alert and consider that it is caused by liver disease, and the condition is already very serious.

selenium bud Wumei combines traditional liver nourishing Schisandra and modern selenium. According to clinical evidence, selenium deficiency occurs in patients with liver diseases. Studies have shown that selenium is responsible for most of the liver functions. Schisandra chinensis can repair liver injury and increase the ability of liver to relieve alcohol. The combination of the two can effectively remove toxins, repair damaged cells and protect the liver.

it’s reasonable to say that wine hurts the liver. Although drinking is not the direct cause of liver cancer, it is an important factor to promote carcinogens. For people who drink too much for a long time, it is possible to induce liver cancer. This is because after the human body ingests alcohol, the liver will decompose and metabolize, and alcohol will hinder the decomposition and metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of liver fat and fatty liver. If you drink too much for a long time, the degree of fatty liver will become more and more serious, and then lead to liver cancer. HEALTHY LIFE