Whether to improve the score of sports aesthetic education returns to the old way of examination

On October 28, the Education Department of Yunnan Province held a hearing on the examination scheme of sports music and art for junior high school students in Yunnan Province. According to the draft of the hearing, the scores of the students enrolled in the high school entrance examination in the fall of 2020 will change, and the scores of sports, music and fine arts will be greatly increased: the score of physical education will be increased from 50 to 100, and the score of music and fine arts will be increased from 5 to 20 respectively. < p > < p > in view of this new scheme this year, the Education Department of Yunnan Province has visited Kunming, Pu’er, Dali, Nujiang, Diqing and other places to investigate and conduct special skills tests, and solicited opinions from the education and sports bureaus of 16 prefectures and cities, some junior high schools and Colleges and universities, and held more than 30 seminars and demonstration meetings to discuss the examination form, score distribution, test frequency, examination content and special candidates The theoretical method and the score conversion of competition results are demonstrated. < p > < p > according to the draft, the physical examination has changed from a single examination of students’ physical fitness to the examination of students’ basic physical fitness test, special skills test, physical health monitoring and competition bonus points. In order to reduce the influence of individual congenital factors, the examination was changed from one examination every three years to two examinations a year, and two methods of “examination at any time” and “regular examination” were adopted. Students can book examinations with their teachers at any time according to their physical condition, and they can also participate in the examinations carried out by the school regularly. The school monitors the height and body mass index, vital capacity body mass index and eyesight of the students once every academic year, and scores are given according to the vertical comparison of the test results in the three years of junior high school. “Let students compare themselves with themselves, and through hard exercise, the relevant indicators will get corresponding scores.”. < p > < p > Music and fine arts examination includes quality evaluation, unified examination and practical activities. The evaluation time is from Grade 7 to grade 9 in the first semester, which is arranged by the school; the unified examination time of education department is the second semester of grade 9. < / P > < p > “the new scheme pays attention to the process of the examination, and avoids determining the result by one examination.” Zhang Chunhua, deputy director of the Education Department of Yunnan Province, said that the purpose of bringing students’ scores in sports competitions and artistic practice activities into the examination scope is to encourage students to actively participate in sports competitions and aesthetic education performances in various events, so as to guide students to learn one or two sports skills and aesthetic education skills that will benefit them for life. For this reason, a number of major events have been set up in the bonus part of the competition, so that tall, short, fat and thin students have the opportunity to participate in the competition; the education department regularly publishes the plan for the second year’s art performance every year, and each school organizes students to participate in the competition. < / P > < p > in addition, the draft also pays special attention to students with physical disabilities and diseases. These students can apply for exemption from the examination for three years, and their physical education scores in that year are calculated according to 60% of the average grade of the examinee. In the view of Yang Chengdong, member of the national primary and secondary school sports steering committee and physical education teacher of Chuxiong No. In his 30-year teaching career, he has led the students of the school football team to participate in various competitions in Yunnan and the whole country, and achieved fruitful results. < / P > < p > “the team cultivates the students’ ability of unity and cooperation.” He said that there are successes and failures in the competition. The partners fight together, cry together, feel sad and excited together, share the joy of success and bear the pain of failure together. They are good at competition, like competition, and can cooperate with others in the competition; find gaps and deficiencies in setbacks, and continue to work hard to train. Over the years, Yang Chengdong has found among his students that children with sports expertise will go further. They use the spirit of struggle in their studies and have achieved excellent academic results. “In recent years, many of my team members have been admitted to Beijing Normal University, Hohai University, Beijing Sports University with more than 600 scores in the college entrance examination.” He said. Xiong Xiaoming, representative of the hearing and coach of China Disabled swimming team, won three Olympic gold medals. He was concerned that in the draft, 200 meter swimming was included in the optional item of basic physical fitness test. “200 meters is a necessary, practical and scientific distance.” He said that many swimming training courses use 25m as a sign of mastering swimming skills, and 12 to 16 classes are over. But from a professional point of view, 200 meters to master and improve swimming skills. Due to accidental drowning in winter and summer vacation every year, the school will ask the parents to sign a letter of commitment before the holiday, so that the parents can bear the responsibility for the safety of their children. In Xiong Xiaoming’s opinion, on the one hand, parents should bear the responsibility of guardianship; on the other hand, schools should also teach their children swimming skills. Although most schools do not have swimming pools, they can cooperate with other units to open swimming classes in public or university swimming pools. “To let children learn how to swim 200 meters is responsible for students’ life and society.”. Wang Ling, who has been engaged in music education for 25 years, believes that the “process evaluation” of students is also a highlight of the draft. In her opinion, process evaluation not only makes teachers find the flash point of students, but also makes students feel the beauty of art in the learning process. Art is a kind of group activity, which can reflect the function of mutual assistance, produce positive mutual infection, mutual company and mutual support, so that teenagers can vent their emotions and encourage themselves. Deng Guohui, a physical education teacher in Mengzi No.3 middle school, feels the same way. “There should be three voices in the school: singing on campus, screaming on the playground and reading in the classroom. This is the campus scene that the reform of the high school entrance examination should see,” he said Before attending the hearing, Zhu Yanfang, a music teacher from Changkou middle school in Wuhua District, Kunming City, made a small survey in the classroom, and the students’ answers were unexpected. “Before, it was easy to get 5 points for music and fine arts. After 20 points, will you have to carry a lot of things? ” Li Qi, deputy to Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress, raised the same question at the hearing. Will the improvement of the score of sports music and art give birth to the examination oriented aesthetic education? Li Hongyan, headmaster of Fuyuan Shengjing middle school in Qujing City, also expressed concern. He found that many students in the high school entrance examination of physical education, volleyball dun get full points, but will not serve. This is the utilitarian nature of the examination. He said, “the phenomenon of exam oriented may kill children’s interest in sports art.” < / P > < p > “the whole body of the children has become the examination site”, “do you want to apply for a tutorial class”, “basketball, football, volleyball, martial arts can’t, prepare to invite a private education”, “will the reform increase the burden of parents and children” In the view of parents who are “children’s knowledge has changed their fate and their tuition fees have lowered their living standards”, sports, music and fine arts need talent. In contrast, it is better to improve the scores in English and Chinese. Zhang Chunhua said that this is the pain point and difficulty of the national and Yunnan sports aesthetic education examination reform. The reform is not to let students increase the burden and attend training outside school, but “rely on the test baton effect, introduce hard measures, formulate hard measures and adopt hard means, so that schools can pay more attention to sports aesthetic education, and improve the status of sports aesthetic education by improving scores. ”The reporter noted that another focus of the hearing and social concern was that “the current situation of rural schools should be taken into consideration in the reform of high school entrance examination, so as not to cause new educational unfairness”. < / P > < p > “‘Chinese is taught by P.E. Teachers’ and ‘P.E. is taught by math teachers’. These funny” stems “are really realistic in rural areas.” A staff member of the Yunnan Youth Foundation said. At present, many rural schools in Yunnan lack physical education teachers. Since 2012, relying on the “Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season public welfare project”, Yunnan Youth Foundation, in cooperation with the school of physical education of Yunnan Normal University, has sent college student volunteers to 23 hope primary schools in 15 counties of the Province to teach children to play basketball and form teams to participate in the program, so as to help the poor in Physical Education in poor areas. This year, in view of the ponding and uneven cement hardened ground of some rural school sports grounds, the Yunnan Youth Foundation foundation has launched the project of “hope playground” to improve the sports conditions of rural schools and provide a safe sports environment for rural teenagers. At the hearing, Gao Fuying, principal of Xishan School of Kunming No.1 middle school, pointed out that in the specific implementation process, the plan should take into account the lack of sports venues, the shortage of teachers and the differences in Teachers’ quality in rural schools in different regions, strengthen the training of sports, audio-visual and aesthetic teachers, increase the reconstruction and expansion of venues, and add sports and aesthetic education equipment and facilities. Zhu Yanfang also pointed out that the current new scheme needs to be refined to be more operational. “Children in rural areas can’t compare with those in cities, so they can’t learn piano, Violin and other musical instruments.” However, many children in ethnic minority areas “can speak and sing, and can walk and dance”. Although they have not received professional vocal music training and music guidance, their simple and unadorned singing and dancing “is really a kind of enjoyment”. She believes that the new plan should take care of local education and develop local aesthetic education textbooks, which not only stimulates students’ learning enthusiasm, but also inherits national culture, and explores a growth path in line with the all-round development of rural students’ morality, intelligence, physique and beauty. < p > < p > it is noteworthy that in this draft, some items of physical education examination can be selected and tested; social art level examination and various arts activities organized by social institutions are not included in the music and art examination content of students; the award-winning results of students participating in unplanned performances are not included in the score of music practice activities, which are all formulated according to the current situation of rural schools 。 < / P > < p > “we will carefully sort out the opinions of the hearing, revise and improve the draft for comments, so that the final released scheme can take into account the wishes of all sectors of society as much as possible.” Zhang Chunhua said. 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