Which cancer cure rate is low? If you encounter these five types of “cancer king”, doctors will be very helpless

In this era of cancer color change, it is very important to actively prevent cancer, because cancer has a high degree of deterioration, which is different from ordinary diseases. It may shorten people’s life after it appears. In the case that the disease can not be detected in time, let the disease develop, and the five-year survival rate of patients with advanced cancer is significantly reduced.

in addition, some cancers have a higher degree of deterioration, and the treatment effect of these cancers is not ideal. So, which types of cancer treatment effect is relatively poor, more terrible?

timely treatment is very important for cancer, but some people have pancreatic cancer, which is very difficult to treat. The five-year survival rate of patients is less than 1%. As the king of cancer, its early signal is not obvious, many people wait until the body has bad symptoms to check, the disease may have developed to the middle and late stage, the treatment of cancer in the middle and late stage is difficult, cancer cells may metastasize and spread, in the course of the disease, there will be abdominal pain, jaundice, body weight loss. Therefore, pancreatic cancer can not be ignored, and preventive measures should be taken.

if there is liver cancer, it may also be difficult to treat. Especially for advanced liver cancer, the five-year survival rate of most patients will be significantly reduced. The liver as a silent organ, the early onset of the signal is not obvious, until the liver area pain, obvious jaundice or lower limb edema to check, may be cancer cell proliferation and metastasis, this situation want to treat the difficulty increased. Therefore, we should pay attention to the prevention of cancer, through the formation of good habits to maintain liver health.

the stomach is a very important digestive organ of the human body. Food is obtained in the process of daily diet for stomach digestion. If gastric cancer is confused with other common diseases, it may continue to develop. When advanced cancer has been transferred and spread, it is difficult to cure it. As a refractory type of cancer, it is also necessary to prevent and improve gastric function by protecting the stomach.

the cure rate of some cancers is relatively low, especially the familiar lung cancer. Lung cancer, as a disease with high incidence rate and high mortality rate, will still be easily controlled by cancer cells if it continues to maintain bad habits and control in a timely manner. After metastasis, it will be transferred to other parts of the body along with blood and lymph. The later stage of treatment is not obvious, and will lead to life and health threats. Therefore, it is very important to protect the lung and actively prevent lung cancer.

if you don’t control your diet and don’t pay attention to regular physical examination, you may increase the incidence of colorectal cancer, especially adenomatous polyps. Timely treatment can improve the disease. However, many people ignore the harm of these diseases, which may lead to cancer in the process of continuous development. The early signal of cancer is not obvious after the emergence of cancer. With the development of the disease, the spread and metastasis of cancer cells will make the treatment more difficult. CUISINE&HEALTH