Which is better, entry-level running, running every day or the next day?

Running can be said to be the most familiar way of exercise for people. Many people don’t know how to arrange it when they just start running. Many people say that they need to run every day and practice more to make progress. Some people think that the effect of running every other day is better.

whether you are a beginner or a runner who has been practicing for a long time, if your goal is to improve your running performance faster, it is definitely not recommended to run every day.

we have said this too many times. For almost everyone, I always fall into a misunderstanding: the more I practice, the harder I work, the faster I progress.

as a result, many people’s training methods are too radical, their physical fitness can’t keep up with their thoughts, they run every day, and they are very tired every day. This seems to be very hard, psychologically easier to get satisfaction, but in fact it is tiring and inefficient.

whether it’s running or any other way of sports, if you want to improve faster, you must not ignore the recovery of the body. Without the effort of recovery, you will only bring a body injury and faster bottleneck period.

this is also the main reason for most people’s knee pain. In addition to the problem of running posture, a lot of running every day leads to poor recovery of leg muscle strength, which greatly increases joint pressure!

Remember, high intensity exercise itself will only make you weak. What really makes your body grow up is the body recovery after exercise. The more experts, the more attention to recovery!

especially at the beginning of running, don’t be too aggressive and rush to the limit of your body. Instead, simply run first to activate your body and let your body adapt. First, form the habit of running to see if you really like running, whether you can stick to it, or just stay hot for 3 minutes. Don’t run for running.

if you have poor physical fitness and run a lot, you can’t run every day, and you don’t have to run every other day. Instead, you need to see if your body and leg muscles are restored. Maybe it will take two or three days to run the next time.

at the same time, lower intensity exercise can promote the recovery of the body, but if the purpose is to help recovery, remember not to be too intense, so as not to cause physical burden. come on. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore