Which is more important, good skin or good looks? Take a look at the comparison

First of all, let’s take a look at a girl whose facial features were not particularly delicate at the beginning. At the beginning, her skin looked like this, looking very delicate and smooth. This is “bad looks and good skin”

later, the girl wanted to have more delicate facial features, so she had plastic surgery. Although her skin is very clean and flawless at this time, it may be that she didn’t take too much care of her skin, which led to many flaws on her face. This is “good looks bad skin.”.

the same person gets good facial features and looks after plastic surgery, but ignores the skin and makes the skin worse. So we put it together to compare, which one do you think will be more beautiful?

in fact, in real life, you can also find the “benefits” of good skin. For example, compared with a woman with “bad facial features but good skin” and “fine facial features but bad skin”, more people think that a woman with good skin but bad facial features is more beautiful.

so if you have the idea of “cosmetic surgery” now, it’s better to give up, or work harder to protect your skin, maybe you can have a “face changing” state! However, there is always the phenomenon of seasonal allergy, the skin has been good and bad!

then, you can try this VHA Verbenone Mami lotion which can improve the facial sensitivity and acne. It can be used by almost all female skin types! Season change allergy or something, there is no such thing as

during the season change, many girls are more prone to acne and acne on their faces. These defects are not only visually ugly, but also can bring a kind of itching feeling. So use this VHA Verbenone Mami pure dew, which can improve the defects, to raise white skin in January.

because this VHA Verbenone Mami pure dew is a moisturizing product in essence, it can be covered on the face in the form of wet compress. If it is a girl with less defects on the face, it can also be directly sprayed on the face, which brings very good effect and no stimulation. Girls with sensitive skin can also come safely use. Now the weather is a relatively dry environment, so if the skin is more sensitive or dry skin girls, you can use VHA Verbenone Mami pure dew to wet compress, let the skin reappear white and natural moist appearance!

a kind of Verbenone which can decompose oil is added to it, so the phenomenon of oil blocking pores is better prevented. For girls with greasy skin, the probability of acne and acne is also reduced after using this pure lotion.

the main function of VHA Verbenone Mami Pure Lotion is to loosen pores and clean skin, because the fluidity is very strong. So in the use of pure dew, it’s like cleaning again. The moisture texture makes the oil and dust in the skin removed!

at the same time, the molecule of VHA Verbenone Mami is very small, so it can make the skin completely absorbed and clean, and play a good skin care effect. If the skin is often acne, greasy girls, can improve their skin through it!

VHA Verbenone Mami is suitable for most skin, such as oily skin, acne skin or sensitive skin. When applied to the face, it can feel a cool feeling. And can be rubbed, so that the skin will completely absorb the essence.

right! Wet compress is used only when there are a lot of acne on the skin. If it is only a small area of acne and rash, it is not recommended to choose this way! Easy to cause more acne, making the skin gradually sensitive.

if you can apply a hot towel on your face before wet compress, it can help the pores in your skin show an open state. So apply pure dew on the skin again, it can accelerate the speed of absorption, and make all the effective factors absorbed by the skin completely!

VHA Verbenone Mami pure lotion can help skin achieve a perfect water oil balance, so it can make you dry through this autumn, and never feel tight again!

on the official website, many users say that VHA Verbenone Mami pure dew makes the skin more white and moist, so choosing pure dew is equivalent to choosing a skin care artifact!

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