Which sport is better to lose weight? Want to lose weight, have a look, don’t exercise blindly

When most people see which of these two options is more effective in losing weight, many people should think it is running. Although both of them can burn the body’s calories, the training methods are different. And many girls think that going to the gym to roll iron is easy to build muscles, not good-looking. So today, let’s introduce the gap between the two in terms of weight loss.

the following is a test conducted by foreign sports experts. The method adopted is to estimate calorie burning according to heart rate. Although it can not be compared with the laboratory, it can still calculate the approximate heat combustion value through the equipment.

on the first day, he carried out strength training, and carried out the most traditional and effective training movements, such as hard pull, pull-in and bench push. The interval between each group and each movement is about 1 minute. The whole strength training lasted for 40 minutes.

the next day, he ran a test for 40 minutes, using a variable speed running mode. He first increased the speed to the highest, then gradually reduced to the lowest. After walking for 30 seconds, continue to increase the speed to the fastest speed, so the cycle, then what will the final result be?

the final measured value is: strength training consumes 559 kcal, average heart rate is 137, while running consumes 502 kcal, average heart rate is 128. Therefore, the experimenters believe that the energy consumption of strength training is better than that of aerobic training. In addition, retraining can tear your muscle fibers, and you need to burn calories during recovery. So strength training is far better than running in terms of fat loss and can make you stronger.

of course, there are also netizens who object: for example, you can lift 200kg, but you can’t run 1km; while some people can run 10km, but can’t lift 20kg. A poor heart and lung ability, a lack of muscle strength, which is actually not healthy. Therefore, it is suggested that both aspects should be developed

. Although he has proved that strength training is more efficient than aerobic heat consumption and fat reduction efficiency, running is still the most cost-effective way to lose weight. Because it’s simple enough to fit almost all people who lose weight, but one thing to be clear about is that if you want to run in the right position, how can you run correctly?

most people will choose to get up in the morning to run or run for an hour, so you need to replenish some energy before running, such as whole wheat bread, bananas, energy bars, etc.

a suitable pair of running shoes will not only make you more comfortable to run, but also reduce the pressure on your feet and reduce the probability of sports injury. Shoelaces that are too loose or tight can lead to toe cramps, heel slippage, and instep pain.

when you put on a complete set of sports equipment for running, there will be no “burden”. If the clothes don’t fit, it will affect the running posture and indirectly cause adverse effects on the body.

the correct running posture is to lean forward slightly, and the stride should not be too large. You should land on the ground in the middle of the foot, walk lightly, relax the whole body, and swing your arms naturally.

many people run directly from the beginning, which is unscientific. Stretching before running can warm up and prevent injury, while stretching after running can relax muscles and promote recovery.

and people with higher weight are not suitable for running, because the weight of each run is pressed on the knee joint, which puts great pressure on the knee. So in addition to running to lose weight, climbing hills, climbing stairs, walking fast are also good choices. Focus