Who officials: countries should increase influenza vaccination coverage

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and influenza symptoms are difficult to be distinguished from each other, and the medical resources are limited,

said. WHO countries should increase the vaccination rate of influenza vaccine, resist influenza and focus on epidemic prevention, 18 days local time. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Fawkes, director of infectious diseases and infectious disease epidemiologist Maria Van, said

, “it is difficult to distinguish influenza and new crown pneumonia at present. Therefore, under conditions permitting, people should prevent influenza and influenza vaccine so as to prevent the clinical situation from becoming more complicated.” according to Fawkes, the US director of infectious diseases, Dr. Khov, an infectious disease epidemiologist, said. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Bruce Elward, said that

, a senior consultant at WHO, pointed out that most of the northern hemisphere countries and regions had entered the non influenza season before the new crown virus swept through the northern hemisphere. Therefore, the medical resources used for influenza prevention and treatment were transferred to treat severe cases of new crown pneumonia. Al Ward said that novel coronavirus pneumonia is becoming more severe in the world at the peak of respiratory disease transmission. “It seems that it is extremely important to raise the influenza vaccination rate this year.” Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are over 22 million cases worldwide, and over 780 thousand deaths have been reported worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins university data. Focus