Who said white skin is beautiful?!

White skin color has always been fascinated by girls, and even skin care products with brightening function are on the best-selling list all year round. However, with the diversification of aesthetics, skin whiteness is no longer the standard of beauty, and girls with wheat skin color are also charming. < p > < p > Hua Sha, a member of the women’s League, has a healthy complexion with a special flavor and a kind of atmospheric beauty, which can be remembered at a glance. On the stage, she is also confident and generous. Every action and expression exudes appeal, which has captured the hearts of many fans. < p > < p > and Wang Ju, who has a slightly dark complexion and a slightly fat figure, stands out from many girls with her strength and unique style, leaving a deep impression on the audience. < p > < p > every time I see Jike Junyi, Bajie sincerely praises one sentence: true beauty! Wheat skin color is not only full of texture, but also gives people a warm and unrestrained feeling, with its own exotic flavor, worthy of being “human Black Pearl”.

but for girls with dark complexion, it is easy to encounter these problems when making up, such as not developing eye shadow, or having chosen natural color foundation, face or fake white. In fact, no matter what skin color, there are suitable and unsuitable color makeup, so how should girls with dark skin color choose color makeup to avoid stepping on thunder? Take a look at sister BA’s advice. When

chooses the foundation color number, our common mistake is to blindly pursue the white complexion, so as to choose the white foundation. In fact, the role of foundation is to make the skin become uniform, and white foundation will have a mask, so that the underlying makeup lose texture. Moreover, many people choose to use the back of their hands to test the color when they choose the foundation, which makes it easy to cause errors. The foundation should be applied to the junction between the cheek and neck. Choose a color that is similar to or slightly brighter here.

has a clear and clear eye shadow. It does not show color on the dark complexion. It also shows edema. Therefore, the darker girls should choose European and American brands. It is easy to find eye shadow plates with high color saturation and high chromaticity. The color of

blush is exactly the same as that of eye shadow. Avoid too bright colors. The color is too saturated, sweeping on the face has a kind of abrupt feeling, but also appears not clean makeup. Therefore, the color of blush should be elegant and low in saturation. Sweeping on the face will not affect the original skin color. < / P > < p > dark skin color tends to be warm, and lipstick should also choose warm color, such as positive red, bean paste color, brick red, etc. This kind of color is very versatile, and can be used in any situation without error. At the same time, this kind of color also suits the skin color very much, brings the person in front of a bright feeling. In addition, nude lipstick is also a good choice. Wheat skin color combined with high gloss will make the facial features three-dimensional and profound. With naked lip makeup, the texture will be immediately revealed.

Fenty Beauty liquid foundation contains 3 tones and 50 color numbers. No matter what kind of skin you are, you can find your own foundation color number. The powder foundation is fine and delicate, showing a sense of makeup and natural clarity. At the same time, the matte texture can hide facial blemishes.

the function of the Eyeshadow plate can be described as very complete. Besides the powder, the Eyeshadow also has paste like, soft texture, and can be pushed away with fingers, and the color is very color and makeup. Black color can be used not only as an eye shadow but also as an eye liner. If you love exaggerated makeup or European style, choose this eye shadow plate.

is a very friendly color to yellow skin, a little milk tea color, very gentle and showing a good temperament. Sweep in the cheek is also a little cosmetic effect, more delicate facial contour, but also bring out a natural good look. < / P > < p > many girls will list Charlotte Tilbury lipstick on their shopping list, and “pillow talk” is often out of stock. This lipstick not only has a matte makeup effect, but also has a smooth texture. With a gold shell, it is a combination of beauty and strength. < / P > < p > if you’re looking for a non greasy Lip Glaze, the Saint Laurent black tube Lip Glaze is perfect for you. This series is keratin texture, the upper lip is as thin as cream, showing the effect of glass lips. Color number 433 is a very gentle cinnamon milk tea color, single coating or overlay are very good-looking. Focus