Who says side sleep is the best during pregnancy? It turns out that this kind of posture is more respected. Don’t insist on it

Sleep is very important for anyone, which is the most important and effective way for the body to recover energy. Therefore, it is very important for the pregnant mother to ensure adequate sleep for the health of the fetus. However, returning to the reality of the second and third trimester of pregnancy, because the fetal development cycle is getting longer and longer, the pressure on the stomach will become bigger, so sleeping naturally becomes the most headache for pregnant mothers in the third trimester of pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers have no way to go into deep sleep at night, and they are not energetic during the day. As time goes by, fetal development will naturally be affected. < / P > < p > many pregnant mothers can often see it on the Internet. During pregnancy, it is recommended to lie on the left side to sleep. However, some pregnant mothers find that this posture is not suitable for them. If they sleep on the left side, the quality of their sleep will be greatly reduced. Ms. Liu has been pregnant for eight months, but the joy of meeting her child is greatly reduced because of poor sleep. < p > < p > when she was just pregnant, Ms. Liu’s sleep quality was still very good, and her sleeping posture was also “bold and unconstrained”. However, since entering the second trimester of pregnancy, Ms. Liu’s stomach is more and more prominent, and her sleeping posture is greatly restricted. Ms. Liu, who has always liked to sleep on her stomach, can no longer sleep at will, because her mother-in-law has repeatedly stressed that she should sleep on her left side, saying that this position is the best sleeping position during pregnancy. At the beginning, Ms. Liu was very obedient and felt that her mother-in-law would not harm herself. Therefore, for about a month, Ms. Liu strictly sleeps on the left side every night, even if she has the desire to turn over. As a result, Ms. Liu suffered from the sleeping posture every night. She did not sleep well, but was listless every day. In the routine one month of labor examination, the doctor found that Ms. Liu’s mental state was not good, asked the reason. After that, Ms. Liu said that she didn’t like sleeping on the left side at all. She was very uncomfortable. After listening, the doctor told Ms. Liu seriously that if she felt uncomfortable with her left side, she could also choose to sleep on her right side or on her back. The angle was not too strict, about 15-30 degrees. The doctor also told Ms. Liu some principles of sleeping posture. < / P > < p > when I was just pregnant, I only had an embryo in my mother’s stomach, which was not big. So no matter how the pregnant mother falls asleep, it has little effect on the fetus, as long as it is comfortable. < / P > < p > in the second trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s action will be limited. In order not to oppress the baby’s activities, pregnant mothers must avoid sleeping on their stomach. Even during a simple lunch break, try to avoid sleeping on the table. This posture is easy to make pregnant mother appear anoxia, thus affecting the health of the fetus. < / P > < p > although lying on the left side is a good position, it does not mean that all mothers are suitable for this position. Generally speaking, the pregnant mother with right uterine rotation needs to sleep on the left side. If the pregnant mother with left rotation of uterus, this posture will aggravate the discomfort. < / P > < p > in order to improve the sleep quality of pregnant women, we should pay attention to the details of sleeping, and the angle of side sleep should not be too large. Before going to bed, pregnant mothers can drink hot milk properly, and calcium intake can help them sleep. In addition, during the day, pregnant women should keep proper exercise, walking, pregnancy yoga are good choices. What’s more, you can buy a suitable pillow for pregnant women to help them sleep more comfortably. < / P > < p > to learn more about pregnancy and childbirth, I recommend this set of 7 books, from pregnancy to confinement, and then to baby care, which is a set of easy to understand books on pregnancy and childbirth, and a necessary treasure book for pregnancy and childbirth. Focus