Who’s going to notice her painting

Pregnant mother is too hard, although only a short ten months, but every day of these ten months is very painful, every day there are different pain waiting for pregnant mother to bear.

since Zheng Kai and Miao Miao got married, they have been very happy. Not long ago, Miao Miao had a group of photos on his personal account. This time, he was pregnant for a long time and shared the news of raising a baby at home. When sharing the dynamic of her life, Miao Miao painted all her works during her pregnancy. It can be seen that her painters are really comparable to masters, and the last one is her own plain face photo.

from the photos, we can see that her painting is very good, which gives people a feeling of being on the scene. If the color test paper beside her is not still there, some people will really think that this is the photo she took when she was traveling. It must be Miao Miao’s use to pass the time of pregnancy. After all, Miao Miao who raises her baby at home should be far away from electronic equipment. At the same time, painting is just one of her hobbies. At the bottom of each painting is also marked with the time, which shows that she spent most of her time painting. Everyone is feeling for Miao Miao’s painters, but at the same time, some fans find Miao Miao’s careful thinking. Miao Miao painted Zheng Kai and Miao Miao on the paper full of villains, showing a wave of love secretly, which is really cute. And Miao Miao FA’s plain face is very lovely to look after. The younger she is, the younger she is.

pregnancy should not be a matter for Baoma alone, and the father to be should also make some preparations. After all, when a pregnant mother becomes a Baoma, these expectant fathers will also become fathers.

when the mother is pregnant, the father to be must develop a good habit, which is not only beneficial to his own health, but also helpful to the baby’s health. In the preparation period, he should start to quit smoking and drinking, and adjust his sleep state. Only give the baby a healthy and comfortable growth environment, the child’s body will be better. At the same time, Baoma should reserve pregnancy knowledge during her pregnancy, which can help pregnant women relieve their stress to a certain extent.
it’s a lot of pressure during pregnancy. So at this time, pregnant mothers may like to lose their temper, or they may have decreased libido, etc. at these times, expectant fathers should be considerate. At the same time, expectant mothers must remember to avoid sex in the first three months of pregnancy, because sex is very harmful to their children at this time. Expectant father must care about expectant mother, arrange their diet, achieve balanced nutrition, so as to lay a good foundation for the growth of the baby.

maybe the fathers to be are busy working and making money to support their families, but when Baoma is pregnant, we must not forget to accompany them more. After all, expectant mothers are faced with great pressure, because they are particularly nervous about childbirth, and sometimes their hearts will become heavy. Therefore, expectant fathers should talk more with their wives and help expectant mothers overcome their psychological fears. Only in this way can expectant mothers build up confidence and face their future life better.

there will be many different situations during pregnancy, so fathers to be must reserve more knowledge and take care of their mothers in daily life. I believe that pregnant mothers will give birth to lovely little angels. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so