Why are men more likely to be struck by thunder, but not necessarily killed?

Recently, a couple in the United States married on the coast of Massachusetts. As soon as the bridegroom had finished his oath, a flash of lightning fell from a distance of only a few hundred meters. In this regard, many netizens ridiculed and some lovers swore, lied to heaven and thunder, Lei Gong said: I have heard, your oath is false.

although many people will use such words as “I will be killed by thunder if I lie” when swearing to show their sincerity and determination, in fact, the probability of being struck and killed by thunder is very small in one’s life.

according to the statistical data of the National Weather Service and the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States, the probability of a person suffering from lightning stroke in his lifetime is about 1 / 15300.

over the past 30 years, an average of 43 lightning deaths were reported annually in the United States. Only about 10% of the people struck by lightning are dead, while 90% of them can survive.

on the one hand, many outdoor jobs are undertaken by men; on the other hand, compared with women, men prefer outdoor entertainment and are more willing to take risks. Even in thunderstorms, sometimes they will insist on playing football, swimming or fishing.

the average current of lightning is 30000 amperes, and the maximum current can reach 300000 amperes. Its voltage is very high, about 100 million to 1 billion volts. The power of a moderate thunderstorm can reach 10 million watts, equivalent to the output power of a small nuclear power plant.

in fact, there is also a kind of lightning strike, which is called “side flash”. It refers to that the lightning strikes near the place where you stand, and then the lightning bounces on you, which is the saying “it’s crooked”.

because the resistance of the ground is large, the current tends to choose a conductor with smaller resistance. If you unfortunately stand near the lightning stroke location, you will become its “bouncing object”.

in addition, a potential field will be formed after lightning strikes the ground. The distribution of potential is higher when the lightning strikes the ground, and vice versa. If the potential of your two feet is different, the potential difference will make a voltage between the two feet, that is, “step voltage”. The farther the distance between the two feet is, the greater the voltage is, the more serious the injury will be.

if the brain or central nervous system is injured, the injured often have some side effects such as dementia, amnesia, memory loss, sleep disorders, learning disorders, etc.

the most important thing to prevent lightning attack is to stay indoors in thunderstorm weather. When there are outdoor activities, pay attention to check the weather forecast in advance. When you hear thunder outside, enter the room immediately.

in case of thunder and rain, it is strictly forbidden to stay at the top of the mountain or high hill area, and it is also forbidden to continue to climb to watch the rain scenery. It is not allowed to avoid under the trees or near the electric pole, nor walk or stand in the open field. You should hide in the low-lying area as soon as possible, or find a room for shelter as far as possible.

in thunderstorm weather, don’t use metal handle umbrella, take off metal frame glasses, watch and belt. If you are cycling, you should leave the bicycle as soon as possible, and keep away from other metal objects, so as to avoid being struck by lightning due to electric conduction.

if the breathing and heartbeat have stopped at that time, mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and chest cardiac compression should be performed immediately to actively carry out on-site rescue. Do not rush to the hospital and do not rescue, or it will delay the rescue time and cause death.

Sometimes, artificial respiration and chest compression should be continued on the way to the hospital. In addition, attention should be paid to keeping patients warm. If there are manic restlessness, convulsions and other mental symptoms, but also for its head cold compress. For the local electric burn, only keep dry or bandage under emergency condition.

because metal is one of the most conductive materials, a closed car is equivalent to a metal cage, and the Faraday cage is an equipotential body with zero internal potential difference and zero electric field, which can effectively isolate the electric field and electromagnetic wave interference inside and outside the cage body, and the human body inside will not pass through the current.

in other words, even if the vehicle is attacked by lightning, the current can be transmitted to the ground through the body shell and tire, without causing harm to the personnel in the vehicle. 08/16/2020