Why are more and more people with vascular blockage? The doctor reminds: these 4 habits, say what also must give up

A large part of the reason is due to the accelerated pace of life, many people are eating more and more unhealthy, work pressure, less and less exercise and other factors. Mr. Wang, 33, has an enviable income. Although his income is good, he often has to work overtime. When he is tired, he will smoke one by one. However, recently, the body temperature dropped suddenly, and Mr. Wang worked overtime as usual. When he was sleeping, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. His wife immediately called 120 and got rid of the injury after rescue! < / P > < p > Mr. Wang’s sudden chest pain was caused by myocardial infarction. Although he looked asymptomatic and rarely had a fever or a cold, his blood vessels were already quiet But “aging”, slowly losing elasticity. According to incomplete statistics, smoking 10 cigarettes a day for about 10 years will cause atherosclerosis in blood vessels. < p > < p > especially now people’s diet is mainly large fish and meat. If you eat too much, it will increase the burden on the human body, and too much energy can not be used to form fat deposition in the human body. Long term high-fat diet, especially easy to lead to blood viscosity, induce blood lipid rise, accelerate the occurrence of atherosclerosis, accelerate thrombosis.

* too much salt will affect the balance of electrolyte in body, cause retention of water and sodium, increase blood volume, stimulate blood pressure and affect blood circulation. Therefore, for adults, the daily intake of salt should be limited to 6G, hypertension should be limited to 4G, and less salt or less can be eaten. < / P > < p > this substance refers to the unsaturated fatty acids in the fermentation liquid of wild buckwheat and winter mulberry, which contains a large number of unsaturated acids, which can prevent and treat the complications of hyperlipidemia, and also has the effect of anti atherosclerosis. In the experiment, it was found that the content of total bile solids, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein free fatty acids was significantly decreased, and the content of high-density lipoprotein was significantly increased, so as to effectively avoid blood viscosity, reduce vascular garbage and waste, and then restore the elasticity of blood vessels. Once the “P > and” P > are blocked, the blood flow of “myocardial infarction” will be easily induced. < / P > < p > when it is not put down, one leg is pale, even a little white and waxy, and the leg has a little transparent skin. After the foot is put down, it returns to the normal sitting position, and the leg will refresh, which indicates that the leg has ischemic symptoms. CUISINE&HEALTH