Why are some patients worse after chemotherapy than before? The doctor told the truth

Ordinary people’s understanding of cancer is an incurable disease. If someone is diagnosed with cancer, it seems that life is counting down. In fact, you don’t need to give yourself too much psychological pressure. With the growth of medical level, cancer is not incurable. < / P > < p > if you want to treat cancer, there are actually several methods, which can be selected according to the severity of the disease, the type of cancer, the patient’s physical condition and other factors. The most commonly used methods in clinic are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It can be seen that chemotherapy is one of the most effective methods to treat cancer. Chemotherapy is usually chosen when the symptoms of cancer spread to a certain extent, because the treatment range of chemotherapy is larger than other treatment methods. According to the common sense, chemotherapy is the treatment of disease, but some cancer patients’ health is worse after chemotherapy. Doctors say there are several reasons for this. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, chemotherapy can treat a wide range of diseases, but its accuracy is not very high. That is to say, before chemotherapy starts, any doctor or hospital can’t guarantee that it will be effective, which can also be regarded as the luck we often say. Although chemotherapy is not 100% sure of the effect, but there are still 30% may be cured. So cancer patients do not have to be too disheartened, as long as with treatment, there is hope of cure. < / P > < p > just because chemotherapy is a systemic treatment, it will also have obvious side effects. The purpose of chemotherapy is to remove the cancer cells in the body, but at the same time, it will also cause a certain amount of damage to other parts of the body, which is very easy to cause other complications when killing the cancer cells. Therefore, patients with cancer in the treatment, we must pay attention to other changes in their body, regular physical examination is also essential. If we can find the damage caused by chemotherapy to other parts in time, we can apply the right medicine to the case and inhibit the occurrence of the worst case to a certain extent. < / P > < p > cancer patients are not only suffering from one disease, but also other diseases, large and small, which aggravates the difficulty of cancer. Chemotherapy is not enough once, but it needs to fight against cancer cells repeatedly. In addition to the side effects of chemotherapy, other organs of patients may be damaged. If you don’t have a good body at this time, you can’t support it for too long. < / P > < p > some people’s poor physical fitness is due to cancer, so chemotherapy may recover; but some people’s poor physical fitness, even if the cancer cells are controlled, the patient’s physical condition is not optimistic. So whether you are sick or not, daily exercise is very necessary. Proper exercise can not only reduce the probability of our illness, but also give our body strong support when the disease comes. < / P > < p > chemotherapy is like a protracted battle with cancer cells, which requires support physically and resistance psychologically. Many patients with cancer feel that the effect of treatment is not obvious, or that it has brought a heavy burden to the family, which often leads to a kind of self blame psychology. Low mood also affects the recovery of the body, which makes the effect of chemotherapy unsatisfactory. Focus