Why can pick out stinky yellow mud in tooth crevice, affect health? How to remove it

A good tooth, not only for their own image points, and also has a positive impact on health. But in daily life, many people have yellow teeth, and they can pick out pieces of yellow mud from the cracks of their teeth. The smell of the mud is stinky, so what is the yellow mud? Will it affect your health? Let’s get to know. < / P > < p > yellow mud is actually the residue of food. If there is more yellow mud, dental plaque will be formed. If we do not pay attention to it and do not take corresponding measures, dental plaque will accumulate and become dental calculus. The existence of dental calculus will cause gum and periodontal tissue lesions. < / P > < p > the appearance of yellow mud in teeth has a great relationship with not paying attention to cleaning at ordinary times. If you do not brush your teeth sooner or later, it will cause food residues to stay in the teeth. With the progress of time, the residues will breed more bacteria and eventually form yellow mud. < / P > < p > improper diet can also cause yellow mud. Too sweet, too sour or too greasy food will affect the normal digestion of food and cause adverse effects on the health of teeth. Food residue is extremely easy to stay in the crevice, a large number of bacteria continue to breed, there is a bad smell. < / P > < p > finally, yellow mud is also related to teeth and oral problems. If the gap between teeth in the mouth becomes larger and teeth are missing, the food residue will be more likely to stay, and the odor will appear after bacteria are produced. Yellow mud will also wrap the teeth, and the color of the teeth will not be so beautiful. < / P > < p > if the yellow mud is less, it can be improved through daily brushing, and will not bring adverse health effects to the body, it may be harmful to their own image; however, if the yellow mud is accumulated more, the problem is not so easy, it is easy to cause damage to the teeth, and it will also cause a series of oral problems, such as gum bleeding, pain, redness and swelling, and mouth pain The problem of stink comes with it. < / P > < p > it may be that people have misunderstandings about tooth cleaning, thinking that it will cause tooth loosening, gap widening or tooth whitening after tooth cleaning. In fact, these are all wrong. Dental cleaning can effectively remove dental plaque and dental calculus, which is a beneficial behavior to protect teeth and oral cavity. < / P > < p > the frequency of tooth cleaning only needs to be once a year. For the cracks found after tooth cleaning become larger, it can only show that there are too many dental plaque on the teeth. If there is no dental plaque after cleaning, you will have the illusion that the cracks become larger. < / P > < p > some friends who have a big gap in their teeth love toothpicks very much, but the hard toothpicks will lead to a bigger gap. It is suggested to use less toothpicks and use dental floss instead. Dental floss is soft, and it can clean food residue in place. < / P > < p > eat less foods that are too sour or too sweet. These foods will lead to acidic environment in the mouth, which is more conducive to the growth of bacteria. Tobacco and alcohol are also important factors causing yellow mud. It is recommended not to touch them. In addition, you can eat more bactericidal food, such as mushroom food, garlic, etc. you can also eat more fruits rich in vitamins, which can not only protect the oral cavity, but also help your health. < / P > < p > it is essential to brush your teeth in the morning and evening. In addition, you can brush the tongue coating when you brush your teeth, because it is easy to breed bacteria on the tongue coating. After a meal to pay attention to gargle, to a certain extent, can reduce food residues, prevent dental plaque and dental calculus, halitosis can also be alleviated. If you wear dentures, you need to clean them regularly. < / P > < p > the yellow mud in teeth is the residue of food, which is generally caused by not paying attention to cleaning, improper diet and large gap between teeth. Although it does not pose a great threat to one’s own health, it is not conducive to one’s personal image and oral health. Need to pay attention to clean teeth, improve diet, give yourself a mouthful of white teeth, breath will gradually become fresh. 08/17/2020