Why can’t help blinking? Squint to see things more clearly? The truth is unexpected

At this point, some people will wonder: why do you always blink unconsciously? Won’t your eyes be tired? Why is myopic squint eyes to be able to see clearly? It turns out that the eyelids of normal people blink about 15 times per minute. Apart from sleep time, we all blink, about 10000 times a day. < / P > < p > blinking is mainly for cleaning and moistening the eyes, and can also protect the eyes. When sand or flying insects approach the eyes, the eyelids will blink naturally, which blocks the sand and insects. < / P > < p > when myopic people squint, the tear film on the surface of the eyeball will thicken through extrusion, forming a slender concave convex cylindrical mirror. This cylindrical mirror has the effect of magnifying, and you can see things clearly through it! < / P > < p > in addition, when your eyes feel tired, blink a few times, you will feel more comfortable. This is because in the blink of an eye, the light will be interrupted, will let the eyes get a short rest. PARRENT&CHILDREN