Why can’t hospital regulations tell the sex of the fetus? The reason behind it will be clear

After a woman is pregnant, I believe that the most concerned thing for every parent is the sex of the fetus. Especially in today’s second child era, the family already has a boss. Out of the psychology of “good”, I hope that the gender of the second child will be different from that of the eldest.

but under normal circumstances, doctors of B-ultrasound will not inform them in advance. One of the most important reasons is to prevent some parents from killing their children because of their gender.

on this day, one of my parents asked the doctor to perform an operation to terminate the pregnancy for the pregnant woman. The reason was that the pregnant mother took the medicine without knowing the pregnancy and was afraid that the fetus was not healthy. She thought it was best to have the fetus aborted now.

when the doctors saw what they said, they thought it was very responsible for their parents to be. However, after having them do B-ultrasound, they found that there was no abnormality in the development of the fetus. The doctor could not help but wonder.

then she learned that the parents had a daughter before, and the baby they were pregnant with happened to be a girl again. She immediately realized that they didn’t want this daughter.

when the parents saw that the lie was exposed, they pointed to the doctor angrily and said, “I have had an operation today, or I will sue your hospital for disrespect for pregnant women…” If you want to terminate pregnancy, you must get approval from 888 medical department. Generally, only patients who meet the requirements can pass the examination and approval smoothly.

if the fetus does not meet the standards of eugenics and good breeding, and there are congenital genetic diseases, malformations, dysplasia, 21 syndrome and other problems, the hospital will allow the pregnant woman to terminate the pregnancy.

However, some parents always know the sex of the fetus in advance by means of supporting relationships, going through the back door and finding acquaintances. If they are not satisfied with the sex of the fetus, they will choose to terminate the pregnancy.

therefore, the establishment of this department, to a certain extent, is a denial of the idea that “it is better to have a boy than a girl”, to curb the phenomenon of “valuing men over women”, and to guarantee the right of “girls to be born”.

However, from a practical point of view, the power of this department of termination of pregnancy is only a kind of restriction, but it is not enough to eradicate the widespread social problem of “son preference” in China.

if we want to fundamentally solve the problem of “valuing men over women”, we need to start from the source, understand why people have this idea, and try to find the final solution.

since ancient times, China has the concept of valuing men over women. For example, Confucianism emphasizes the rule of filial piety from the perspective of maintaining political stability. At that time, in the family economy, men were the main contributors, thus forming the tradition of valuing men over women.

although women’s status has been continuously improved due to the impact of the changes of the times and the industrial revolution, it still can not change the deep-rooted influence of the patriarchal ideology.

since ancient times, China’s marriage custom system is that boys get married and girls marry into other people’s homes. The result of this marriage custom system is that boys take the main responsibility of supporting their parents in the future.

although it is said that married girls still have the obligation to take care of their parents, after all, they can’t give up all their savings to support the elderly.

but boys are not the same. As the pillars of the family, if the elderly get sick, they need to take out all their savings to see the elderly under the constraints of family affection and social moral pressure.

although the diversity of jobs and the promotion of women’s status have gradually narrowed the gap, in some jobs, this phenomenon has not been improved.

economic conditions are the basic guarantee for families. Some parents think that boys can create higher economic value for their families, so they are more inclined to have boys.

the cost of raising children has always been a concern for parents. In the face of such a fierce competition in society, some parents will choose boys with higher return on investment to raise their children in order to reduce the economic pressure of raising children.

therefore, from the above four reasons, we can know that the formation and maintenance of the thought of “valuing men over women” is to a large extent the result of the joint action of historical tradition and social factors.

if the state can further improve the social security system, and the society can give more equal treatment to women, will the “son preference” problem be solved in a large range?

on the other hand, it is the parents’ choice to have a boy or a girl. If parents can correctly view the unique values of boys and girls, can they also alleviate the phenomenon of “son preference”?

girls develop faster than boys. Generally speaking, boys and girls of the same age will be more sensible, delicate and emotional, and treat their parents more intimate.

compared with giving birth to a boy, parents need not worry about getting married, buying a car and buying a house, which can greatly reduce the pressure of raising children.

in short, boys may not be more expensive than girls, and girls may not be unable to shoulder the responsibilities of their families. As far as parents are concerned, they are all children born by themselves. Since they have been given life, they should not be “killed” in their belly like a “executioner” at will, and they will not be given the opportunity to see the world. HEALTHY LIFE