Why can’t the essence be painted directly? Take a look at these two points, netizen: one skin will be bad

Essence, the name is known as the cream of skin care products, its skin care efficacy is rich in ingredients, and its concentration is higher than other water milk, which can improve skin problems. The essence of common essence is repair, whitening, wrinkle resistance, anti-oxidation and moisturizing. Such concentrated essence, such a price, we must ensure that the cream on the face to achieve the greatest effect.

essence is divided into muscle fluid and essence. In order to achieve effective results, we should use it in proper order, instead of washing face directly on the face, because this will affect the absorption of essence, resulting in no matter what essence you use, the effect is not ideal. The correct sequence of the essence of

is cleansing face make-up water essence cream eye cream lotion, and the product instructions you buy will also indicate the sequence of use.

before we paint our face with essence, we also need to do some preparations. Because the essence contained in the essence will absorb better at certain temperature, just like the heating function of the skin care instrument, we can drop the essence into the palm of the hand.

no matter what kind of essence you use, after finishing, use the lotion and cream to lock the water, so that the essence can be firmly locked in the skin.

if you don’t lock the water in time, the essence will stay away for a long time and it will be evaporated.