Why can’t you sacrifice your body for work? I hope Yang Tiantian can know the cost of staying up late

But why can’t she sacrifice her body for work? If only live for 30 years, every day should be wonderful, then life should be good?

in fact, young people think that illness is far away from you. In order to get a promotion and a raise, and to realize their own value, they devote themselves to their work. Every day, others call themselves workaholics, and occasionally smile but don’t answer them.

but in this mode, when you get faint one day, do you still think of – “the first half of your life is for money, and the second half is for your life.”

most of the news about sudden death in recent years are caused by staying up late. Therefore, many people think that the money young people earn from staying up late can not make up for their injuries.

staying up late for a long time does great harm to human health. However, many white-collar workers often stay up late because they are too busy at work and often can’t get enough sleep from Monday to Friday because of work and life reasons.

since it is almost 995 at ordinary times, many people will choose to substantially extend their sleep time to make up for their sleep from a Saturday to a Sunday. But can this really make up for it?

on the one hand, every organ of the human body needs certain dormancy and adjustment every day. All organs need the human body to supplement energy in time of sleep and rest. Once the phenomenon of staying up late appears, all organs can not have a good rest, which will accelerate the phenomenon of organ aging to a certain extent.

in particular, white-collar workers are under great pressure in their daily work. If they do not have a good sleep to rest and relax the pressure in time during the process, it will not only be harmful to the mental state, but also lead to low work efficiency.

the relevant data show that when the human body makes up for sleep at the weekend, the body’s insulin sensitivity will be greatly reduced, which will improve blood glucose to a certain extent, and increase the risk of potential diabetes.

through this abnormal sleep mode, blood circulation is not smooth and liver and heart diseases are induced. Therefore, it is not advisable to stay up late and make up for sleep on weekends.

white collar workers should pay attention to ensure adequate sleep from Monday to Friday, and try to fall asleep before 11 o’clock. In particular, they can do some health exercises before going to bed to improve their sleep quality.

therefore, for people with insufficient daily sleep, balanced nutrition is needed in diet to better supplement vitamins and trace elements needed by human body.

if you have a long-term lack of sleep from Monday to Friday, appropriately extending the sleep time of 1-2 hours on Saturday and Sunday is still helpful for the recovery of skin condition.

a long-term lack of sleep can easily lead to the breeding of a variety of diseases. For such white-collar people, regular physical examination and understanding of their physical conditions can help them find out any abnormalities early, and early treatment can still play a certain role. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here