Why do aunts always like to advance? There are five possible causes, which are worth seeing for women

Menstruation should be a good friend of women, from puberty to menarche, about 45 years old, menstrual volume will gradually reduce, slowly to menopause. During this period, women will menstruate every month, according to the cycle.

menstrual cycle according to different women’s constitution, about 25-35 days, the average time is 28 days. In this range, it is normal. It is not a problem to advance or postpone it once in a while.

Nowadays, women are faced with great pressure in work and life, which often leads to emotional instability and endocrine imbalance. If endocrine disorders, but also lead to women’s menstruation in advance.

the pressure of life and work can be self-regulated. In the face of various pressures, we should learn to release them properly, adjust our mood, and regulate our endocrine system, so that menstruation will return to normal gradually.

if there are gynecological diseases, it will also lead to premature menstruation. If infect Department of gynaecology inflammation, besides affect menstruation, still can appear the pruritus of private place, or secretion increases, appear ectopic wait for a phenomenon, can observe more.

or problems such as uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts may also affect the menstrual cycle because of disease factors. If not treated in time, it will lead to deterioration of the condition and the consequences of inflammation.

women who have just started using contraceptive ring may always have some discomfort, because the contraceptive ring is a foreign body relative to the body, and the body may have rejection reaction. There will be the phenomenon of premature menstruation.

if menstruation is always affected, or some discomfort occurs after wearing the ring, and the menstrual cycle is not fixed, it is recommended to take it out and adopt other methods.

the estrogen secreted by the ovary directly affects menstruation. When the ovarian function begins to decline and premature aging occurs, the amount of estrogen secretion will decrease, which will lead to the phenomenon of premature menstruation, and the menstrual volume will be less and less.

However, this kind of situation generally occurs in women around 40 years old. Some people may start to have this premature aging phenomenon in their 30s. For example, wrinkles and spots on the face gradually increase, and even affect their fertility.

if you don’t reach the age of menopause, and you find that your menstrual volume is less and less, and your menstrual cycle has been advanced, you must seek medical examination and treatment in time.

long term diet can lead to serious deficiency of Qi and blood in women, affect the endocrine of the body, and lead to irregular menstrual cycle, which leads to the phenomenon that menstruation has been advanced.

menstruation reflects the health of a woman’s body. If it is reported regularly every month, it shows that the condition of uterus and ovary is very healthy, and the hormone secretion in the body is also balanced.

affected by many factors, women who always like to report in advance of their menstruation need to pay attention to check gynecological problems as soon as possible, and improve the bad factors in their life. Aunts are in the normal range one week in advance or one week later. As long as their menstruation is regular, they can not worry. 08/16/2020