Why do doctors ask pregnant women “what is the first child”? It’s not about embarrassment, it’s about four important functions

Just married couples are looking forward to the moment when they are pregnant with their baby. When they know that they are going to be promoted to parents, they can’t wait to tell their families, and the next step is to start < / P > < p > just this month, Xiaoyu found that her aunt had been delayed. She told her husband and informed her mother-in-law immediately. Then they thought it would be better to go to the hospital to confirm. < / P > < p > her mother-in-law happily offered to accompany her to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, she was always with Xiaoyu. At first, everything was going well, but her mother-in-law’s face became very ugly because of the doctor’s words. Xiaoyu’s mother-in-law was worried at that time and asked the doctor, “my daughter-in-law has been married once, of course, this is the only child. What do you mean by that? < p > < p > those who have had a prenatal examination will know that after confirmation of pregnancy, doctors will always ask some strange questions, such as the number of the fetus above, or whether there is a history of abortion, whether this fetus should be given or not. < / P > < p > some people don’t care about these questions, but some people think it’s their privacy. Besides, they don’t have any secrets that can’t be told. Doctors are very unhappy when they ask them this way. However, women who had their first child by cesarean section are likely to have a C-section when they have a second child. The doctor asked so that he and the pregnant woman have the bottom of their hearts, and told the matters needing attention. < / P > < p > women who have had delivery experience may give birth again before the expected date of delivery, and the delivery process will be much faster than the first time. This is to let pregnant women know and have an advance preparation. < / P > < p > doctors should have a basic understanding of the pregnant women they receive. Therefore, they must understand and record the age, health, number of pregnancies and abortion experience of pregnant women. Even if you don’t hide it from the doctor, you’ll be asked once before the birth. < / P > < p > doctors will use the answers given by pregnant women to judge the matters needing attention during pregnancy and childbirth. In case of emergency, doctors can solve the problems timely and correctly. Pets