Why do many women prefer Caesarean section? There are three main reasons, reality and helplessness

Most women will experience the process of pregnancy and childbirth, which is the fate that every brave mother can not escape. With the progress of medicine, natural birth is no longer the only choice. The emergence of cesarean section has saved many mothers and greatly reduced the risk of childbirth. Nowadays, caesarean section has become the choice of many female stars, preferring to leave scars on the belly rather than natural delivery. Previous cesarean section surgery, maternal stomach will leave a vertical line, wearing some clothes will affect the beauty. However, due to the improvement of technology, it has now become a line across the lower abdomen, which has no great impact on the aesthetics. However, it basically means goodbye to low waisted shorts and bikini. After stepdaughter stars, many women in real life also prefer Caesarean section. What are their reasons? There are four main reasons, including reality and helplessness. The modern aesthetic is different from the past. In this age of thin as beauty, sometimes there are certain requirements for women’s body, whether it’s spouse selection or workplace. And in order to maintain a good figure, maintain a good image, many women have to shut up. < / P > < p > even if they are pregnant, they need to arrange their diet strictly according to the requirements of nutritionists, which is why many female stars will not get fat after pregnancy. However, those women born with a delicate body shape usually have smaller pelvis than normal people, and uterine contractions are also easily affected. At this time, natural labor is not suitable. < / P > < p > for women, the best childbearing age is between 25 and 30 years old. However, as more and more women choose to marry and have children later, it is common to have children at an advanced age. When women are over 35, the risk from pregnancy to childbirth will be higher than that of non elderly mothers. < / P > < p > in addition to pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) which is very high risk, the risk of massive hemorrhage in the process of delivery is also relatively high. Therefore, the elderly maternal must be on time for birth examination, according to the doctor’s recommendations to choose the mode of production, otherwise it is not conducive to their own and the health of the baby. Recently, there is a controversial topic on the Internet. Mr. h and his wife gave birth to a lioness woman by caesarean section two weeks in advance because they didn’t want the baby to be Virgo. < / P > < p > in real life, many families hope that their children will be born before the end of August, not because of constellation theory, but because they do not have enough economic strength to stay at home for one more year. If children go to kindergarten one year earlier, they can devote themselves to the workplace as soon as possible, so as to ensure the quality of life at home. Generally speaking, natural childbirth is advocated both from the perspective of maternal and child health and “multiple birth”. It’s better for the baby’s lungs to develop and feel better after delivery. 08/16/2020