Why do midwives say that there is no “right” delivery position for natural birth?

Every week, our hospital has a midwife clinic. In the clinic, we will talk with pregnant women about their problems and solve their psychological burden.

on this day, a pregnant woman who was seven months pregnant asked, “little red sister, when giving birth in the future, do you need to lie on your back on the delivery bed and separate your legs? I watch TV, it’s all like this, and the posture is too embarrassing. ”

the pregnant woman said that the traditional delivery posture often appears on TV, that is, the bladder lithotomy position or supine position. Lying on the delivery bed, the parturient holds the handrails on both sides of the delivery bed with both hands, pulls up with force, stretches out her legs, pedals her feet on the leg shelf or the bed of the delivery bed, and pushes down with force. Sometimes, the medical staff have to wear epithelial boots for the puerpera. The situation is very tense, and the puerpera need good psychological endurance.

in the midwife clinic or in the class of pregnant women, there are some anxious pregnant women who want us to demonstrate the correct delivery posture. They are easy to learn so as not to make mistakes in the future.

for example, if a expectant woman is in the delivery room, the conventional delivery position works well for you, and the baby is born smoothly, that’s very good. However, if you use other positions, such as squatting and lying down, you will feel less pain, feel more able to control the delivery, need less other interventions, and the delivery will be easier, then you can choose to use them, and we all encourage mothers to do so.

like the lithotomy position, the delivery position is adopted by the vast majority of pregnant women. Lying flat on the bed, the two legs are open and raised, which can facilitate the delivery of the baby and the assistance of our midwives, But if there are some puerpera, when taking this posture, they will not exert themselves, can’t exert themselves, or feel uncomfortable, and can’t give birth, then they need to change their position.

some pregnant women will change their posture, lie on their side and curl up their back. Our midwives help to lift one of their feet. The advantage of this position is that the maternal can make better efforts to give birth to the fetus.

there are people lying on their stomach, kneeling, sitting and standing. In practice, we have encountered many real examples. When some puerpera take a certain delivery position and have no progress in labor, we will persuade her to change her posture or move. Many times, once the maternal can take the initiative to move, it will break through the bottleneck of delivery and make positive progress. Some of them may even feel that they are wrong actions, but they are what the puerpera needs most, which can reduce the burden or help the fetus enter a more suitable position for production.

what we are most worried about is that if the lying in women force themselves to take the correct delivery position, they feel uncomfortable and do not take the initiative to change it, which is most detrimental to the birth of the fetus.

the advantage of free position delivery is that it can improve the maternal’s control over their own body and gain a kind of respect, so as to relax their body and mind, stabilize their mood, give full play to their subjective initiative and deliver smoothly.

for our medical staff, the implementation of free position delivery is also a challenge. From the ideological point of view, we should change the past management thinking into service thinking, and consider and solve problems from the perspective of puerpera.

after taking the squatting position for delivery, one of the pregnant women said to me, “little red sister, take the free position for delivery. I feel like the master and I have a kind of strength to encourage myself. Involuntarily was born, also did not feel the pain. Skip to content