Why do modern baby birthmarks occur frequently? Doctor: avoid these three habits during pregnancy to avoid inferiority

And most birthmarks are generally in a more hidden place, put on clothes pants can cover up. But some people have birthmarks on their faces or hands, which will affect their appearance.

it is precisely because if the location of the birthmark is “bad”, it will affect the child’s “face value”, so when they are about to give birth, many expectant parents will worry about whether their children have the birthmark. In fact, most of the pregnant women don’t know about the behavior of their children during pregnancy.

generally, if there are “small” birthmarks on the skin of newborn babies, they will gradually become shallow or disappear when they grow up. But when a child is young, if there is a birthmark on his face, others will inevitably have a little different vision, so that the child’s heart will have a certain sense of inferiority.

generally, there are three kinds of birthmarks: cyan birthmark, red birthmark and black birthmark. If it’s a cyan birthmark, it will soon fade within a year, but if it’s a black birthmark, it will probably accompany the child’s life.

an obstetrician told us that the birthmark was actually formed in the belly of the pregnant mother, partly because of genetic inheritance, and partly because the pregnant mother was affected by the external environment and diet during pregnancy. It is not difficult to see that modern babies seem to have frequent “birthmarks”. Many babies around them have more or less some large and small birthmarks after they are born, which seems to have a close relationship with some habits of modern women.

of course, the first one is not to be able to have a “collision” with the stomach during pregnancy, because the fetus is very fragile in the process of pregnancy.

if you accidentally “touch” or “knock” the fetus at this time, it is likely to make the child appear bruising phenomenon. Such bruising will accompany the child’s birth and form a birthmark.

after the mothers are pregnant, they must not “run and jump” often. They should walk slowly and try their best to move indoors. If they want to go out for a walk, they should also keep a high degree of vigilance. If you accidentally knock on the table or fall, the fetus may be knocked and left a birthmark, but if the collision is serious, the life of the fetus will be in danger.

after pregnancy, the pregnant mother suddenly doesn’t have to go to work nine to five, and doesn’t have to do housework frequently, so she will feel very bored. If she doesn’t have anything to do every day, she will play computer and mobile phone, which is understandable.

not only pregnant mothers, but now young people generally have mobile phones in their hands and computers in front of their work. These electronic products have certain radiation, which is quite harmful to pregnant women. During pregnancy, we should reduce certain radiation as much as possible.

if you don’t want your child to have a birthmark in the future, a pregnant mother should put down her mobile phone, enjoy the green plants and scenery outside, and find some interesting activities to do, instead of being able to stay at home and play with her mobile phone all the time, which is harmful to herself and the fetus.

the quality of cosmetics in circulation on the market is uneven. There are many harmful chemical components and heavy metals in some products, and it is inevitable that some components cannot be used by pregnant women.

if you use some unknown cosmetics or cosmetics that are harmful to human body, the probability of having birthmarks will increase.

but during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can still make up, just use some special cosmetics for pregnant women, avoid heavy make-up, just a little light make-up. Because during pregnancy, mother’s mood is still the most important. Women who wear makeup tend to become more confident. As long as my mother is in a good mood, many troubles will be solved.

although pregnant mothers can make up properly when they are pregnant, they still need to be careful about the choice of cosmetics. You can consult your doctor in advance to see which cosmetics can be used, pay attention to the ingredients, make-up times and make-up time.

pregnancy is actually a very tiring and laborious thing for pregnant women. We should not only pay attention to the growth status of the fetus, but also pay attention to whether our behavior will affect the fetus, because a little “inattention” of the pregnant mother may affect the healthy development of the child after birth.

after pregnancy, the pregnant mother must have a certain sense of responsibility. Although the fetus has not been born, it has begun to develop rapidly in the stomach. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to their diet, work, rest and behavior to avoid harming the fetus and preventing themselves from danger. Finally, I hope every pregnant mother can have a beautiful and healthy baby. HEALTHY LIFE