Why do newborns cry at birth? It’s not the pain of cutting the umbilical cord. After reading the third reason, I suddenly realized

When the first baby was born, it was found that the baby was not crying. The midwifery nurse saw the situation and slapped the child’s buttocks, and then heard the loud and clear cry of the child. At that time, Baoma, who did not know the situation, was still very angry and asked the nurse, “what are you doing with my child?”

in fact, it is normal for newborn babies to cry. If they do not cry, they will often receive “passive stimulation”, that is, they will be slapped by others and cry.

parents who have had childbearing experience must know that if a pregnant woman hears a loud and clear cry when giving birth to a child, it proves that the child has been born successfully, and even many people will judge whether the child is healthy by the cry of the newborn.

since it is well known that a newborn will cry immediately after birth, but not many people know the real reason why a newborn is born to cry.

as we all know, the first important thing after a child is born is to cut off the umbilical cord which is connected with the mother. Therefore, many people think that it is because the umbilical cord is cut off that the child will cry because of pain.

in fact, the umbilical cord, as a bridge between the fetus and the mother, provides oxygen and nutrition for the growth and development of the fetus in the uterus. Although there are various nerves distributed on the umbilical cord, they belong to non autonomic nerves.

crying is one of the instincts of a child. A child is not yet able to express his emotions and requirements with body movements and language when he is just born. In this case, crying is often a better way to express his emotions.

this relatively strong change in temperature will make the fetus feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the living environment of the fetus in the uterus is amniotic fluid. The change from a liquid environment to a solid environment will make the newborn feel very uncomfortable. At this time, the baby can’t tell if his environment is safe or not, and crying at this time is actually a manifestation of insecurity.

newborn babies cry because they need air very much. When children open their mouths to breathe air, their respiratory system will change from closed environment to open environment for the first time. Air entering makes alveoli start to work normally and exchange gas between body and outside.

in fact, we have a traditional misunderstanding here: in fact, newborn crying is not our normal cognition of crying. When the newborn exhales gas, it will impact the vocal cord through the laryngeal cavity, and the vocal cord vibration will produce a sound similar to crying.

it’s a good thing that the newborn will cry after birth. Parents need not worry too much. On the contrary, if they don’t cry, there will be certain dangerous consequences, which may cause hypoxia, poor breathing, etc. If the newborn does not cry, medical staff will pat his feet, back and stimulate him to cry.

① because the child has not yet learned to speak, the first cry of a newborn after birth is to say hello to the outside world and tell parents “I have come to this world”.

② crying after birth indicates that the respiratory system has been established and other organs of the body will start to work. The louder the child cries, the more vital and healthy he is.

during the birth of a newborn, some secretions, mucus and amniotic fluid may be inhaled into the trachea to block the respiratory tract. When the baby is just born and wants to breathe with air, if there is no cry, the respiratory system of the child will be blocked.

at this time, newborn crying is a kind of detection signal of fetal development. Medical staff can timely check and treat the newborn to avoid greater risk.