Why do some people get a big bag after being bitten by mosquitoes, while others have a red dot?

Summer is the season when mosquitoes go out, so being bitten by mosquitoes is a very common phenomenon, but it is a very bad thing for us. < / P > < p > we all have the experience of being bitten by mosquitoes, but have you found that some people are bitten by mosquitoes and a little red dot appears after a long time. After a long time, the red dot disappears, while some people get swollen after being bitten by mosquitoes, which can’t be eliminated for several days. Why? < / P > < p > in fact, female mosquitoes usually bite us. They usually suck on human or animal blood and occasionally plant juice. However, after mating, they must suck human or animal blood because they need to suck blood to promote the maturation of their eggs. More specifically, they need a lot of protein and iron in our blood. A female mosquito produces 6-8 eggs and lays 200-300 eggs after sucking enough blood each time. Its larvae only need a little water and will hatch quickly under suitable temperature. < p > < p > the antennae of male mosquitoes are filiform, and the antennal hairs are generally thicker than that of female mosquitoes. Because the male mosquitoes do not conceive this function, the male mosquitoes do not feed on human blood, but on plant juice. < / P > < p > in our impression, a mosquito should have a sharp mouth, and when biting us, it would be good to “stab” the pointed object. But in fact, the mosquito has six “needle tubes” to bite people, namely, the esophagus tube and salivary tube, two blood piercing needles and two serrated knives. < / P > < p > the six needles are wrapped in a thin sheath, and there is a “clamp” on the tip of the sheath to tie up the six needles, so the mosquito generally looks like it has only one “mouth”. When mosquitoes bite people, they should first inject their saliva into the human body, which is equivalent to the effect of anticoagulants. When saliva is injected into our skin, it can inhibit the blood coagulation system of the human body, prevent the blood clotting, prevent the blood vessels from contracting, and ensure the circulation of blood. In this way, it is convenient for mosquitoes to suck up blood smoothly, and we can feel nothing in the process of mosquito sucking blood. < / P > < p > after sucking the blood, the mosquito flies away, but the salivary protein of the mosquito still remains in the human body. At this time, the human immune system will start to try to remove these foreign substances, so the immune response occurs. < / P > < p > in the process of the immune system’s self-defense and counterattack, a substance called histamine will be released. It can make our capillaries expand, increase the permeability of the vascular wall, and make the cells filled with liquid. This phenomenon is manifested in our body, which makes the places we are bitten by mosquitoes get big bags, red and itchy, and produce red and swollen symptoms. < / P > < p > in short, this is an allergic reaction after being bitten by a mosquito. Because everyone’s constitution is different, so everyone’s reaction is different. < p > < p > in detail, the intensity of each person’s reaction is related to the allergic reaction factors in serum to mosquito salivary protein. For example, after being bitten by a mosquito, some people will be very serious. They may even have a reaction all over the body, which is fatal. However, after being bitten by a mosquito, some people will be very light, too light to be noticed, and then they will not respond after a while. In short, there are many kinds of mosquitoes, and the allergic reactions caused by different mosquitoes are different, some of which are heavy and others are light. We usually encounter Culex pipiens at home. This type of mosquito likes sewage, and most of them are nocturnal. In the wild, most of them are spotted mosquitoes, often called flower mosquitoes. They like to move in the daytime. < / P > < p > mosquitoes are stimulated by many factors when they look for blood, among which the smell helps the mosquito’s whereabouts, which is why some people are bitten more often by mosquitoes than others. < / P > < p > for example, mosquitoes are attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale. For example, when mosquitoes get close to our bodies, they can smell the smell on our skin, which may come from the chemical substances in sweat or the smell produced by the tiny bacteria living on the skin. Focus