Why do we always disapprove of caesarean section? After reading these hazards, you will understand!

We all know that pregnant women now have the right to choose between natural delivery and caesarean section. However, in order to avoid the pain of natural childbirth, many pregnant mothers are more and more inclined to choose caesarean section for delivery. < / P > < p > the popular saying is: “children’s brain has a very slight disorder in the process of development.” The main performance is that the children’s stereoscopic sense is very poor, which is due to the lack of stimulation of birth canal extrusion in cesarean section, which is prone to the imbalance of tactile sense, proprioception and vestibular balance, that is, sensory integration disorder. < / P > < p > the fast cesarean section makes the fetus lose the experience of being squeezed in the process of delivery, and lack the early tactile feeling of brain and skin pressure, resulting in many behavioral problems with tactile defensive overreaction. < / P > < p > in the process of natural childbirth, regular uterine contraction can squeeze and expand the fetal chest, make the fetal alveoli more elastic after birth, which is of great benefit to the development of neonatal lungs. From the neonatal point of view, the children who have caesarean section can’t discharge 1 / 3 of fetal lung fluid because they haven’t been squeezed by the birth canal, and some of them can’t breathe autonomously after birth, that is, they suffer from the so-called “wet lung”, which is prone to neonatal asphyxia, hyaline membrane and other complications. There is evidence that there is no difference in intelligence between children born by caesarean section and those born naturally. However, the adaptability of children born by caesarean section is worse than that of children born naturally. < / P > < p > What’s more worrying is that these phenomena will appear in infancy. They can’t adapt to all kinds of information contacted by the skin, such as bathing, changing clothes, changing beds and so on. Their adaptability is poor, or their protective reactions are excessive. They are emotional, crying, not sleeping well, not sleeping well. < / P > < p > the reason is that the children who have caesarean section have not been squeezed by the birth canal, and the tactile information of the skin is relatively poor; many of the high-risk children are children who have caesarean section, and it is also found that the children who have caesarean section have poor balance ability than those who have natural delivery. < / P > < p > in addition, children born by caesarean section lack the necessary tactile and proprioceptive learning, are more emotional, less focused and clumsy. They often can’t sit on the bench. They have a big temper at home. They are timid when they go out. They are not generous and afraid of crowding. They like to hide behind their mother’s buttocks in a strange environment. In a word, “at home is a dragon, go out is a worm.”. In social life, children also show timidity, emotional fluctuations, attention can not be focused. < / P > < p > the cesarean section creates an initial “isolation zone” between mother and infant, which forms the rupture of mother’s life perception. Therefore, there are many mothers who use caesarean section to deliver their babies. They are often in a trance after delivery and full of various strange bad emotions. They often feel sorry for not participating in the delivery. They are prone to loneliness and depression, and even doubt their ability to be mothers. They refuse or are reluctant to take care of their children and assume the responsibility of being mothers. Some even suffer from postpartum depression. The surgical incision infection, endometritis and urinary tract infection are the three common postoperative infections. Because of the injury of operation to human body, it is easy to cause pelvic adhesions, reduce or even block intestinal peristalsis. < / P > < p > because the vagina has not been expanded and the elasticity has not been exercised, when the estrogen level in the middle-aged and elderly is low, the proportion of sexual pain will be very high. Compared with natural childbirth, the maternal and fetal mortality is still very high. Many people worry that vaginal delivery will lead to vaginal relaxation and affect sexual life. In fact, vaginal muscles are elastic and can basically recover after a few months of delivery. In fact, caesarean section has a long-term effect on sex. < / P > < p > for example, painkillers or residues in the body can inhibit or affect the secretion of milk. Moreover, the newborn of caesarean section can’t suck the nipple within 30 minutes after birth, thus delaying the establishment of lactation reflex and lactation reflex. Moreover, the operation process will also cause nerve damage, resulting in long-term postoperative abdominal pain; may also damage the maternal bladder, ureter and intestinal tract; a few cases will appear incisional hernia. < / P > < p > therefore, cesarean section maternal body recovery is very slow. Especially those women who usually have a poor nutritional foundation, their Qi and blood are weak, and they have never recovered after the operation. < / P > < p > of course, if the mother has diseases that are not suitable for natural delivery, such as hypertension, hemorrhoids, etc., or elderly women give birth, it is safer to choose caesarean section. It can not only prevent the occurrence of baby hypoxia due to too long delivery time, but also will not cause some serious consequences due to dystocia. < / P > < p > in the case of cesarean section, if there are other diseases in the abdominal cavity of the expectant mother, such as ovarian tumor or subserosal hysteromyoma, they can be treated together… In this way, the pain of expectant mother can also be reduced. Focus