Why do you always stink when you are old? Reminder: there are three reasons for this

“My grandchildren always dislike my bad breath, and my old friends are not willing to talk to me much. I brush my teeth on time every day. How can I still smell? And I don’t seem to hear… “/ P > < p > in fact, many elderly people have the same problems as Aunt Wang, and I always don’t know it, and it will be embarrassing to be reminded. < / P > < p > the point is that some people quickly clean their mouth on time after they realize the problem, but the taste is still “charming”. Why is this? Let’s learn more about it. < / P > < p > scrape a few times on the back of the tongue with a disposable plastic spoon and put it in front of the nose. This method is more suitable for checking halitosis from the back of the tongue. < / P > < p > as soon as people get older, their bodies begin to age slowly. This kind of aging is not only manifested in the body, but also in the teeth. After middle age, calcium in the body is easy to lose, teeth will gradually become fragile, do not pay attention to oral hygiene is more likely to cause halitosis, generally no more than the following several cases. < / P > < p > ★ stimulating foods such as leeks, stinky tofu, garlic, vinegar, onion and other irritant foods contain sulfide components, which will stay in the mouth temporarily after eating. < / P > < p > ★ there are meat dregs and vegetable dregs at the suture head of teeth. After oral bacteria fermentation and decomposition, a large number of volatile sulfide, indole and other substances will be produced, which will produce oral odor, especially if the tongue coating is thick, the mouth may be more smelly. < / P > < p > as you get older, your gastrointestinal function will gradually decline, and your digestive capacity will decline accordingly. After eating food into your stomach, you will sometimes be unable to digest. The gastrointestinal function of dyspepsia patients is weak, and the food is difficult to digest and empty, so the retention time in the stomach is prolonged. In the role of bacteria, food spoilage and release a peculiar smell, through the mouth exhaled or residual in the mouth, the formation of halitosis. The number of probiotics, especially bifidobacteria, in the intestinal tract of patients with constipation has been reduced, and the number of pathogenic bacteria has increased significantly, resulting in more serious intestinal flora disorder, reducing the production of short chain fatty acids, and eventually leading to halitosis. Helicobacter pylori is also an important cause of halitosis. Helicobacter pylori is a kind of bacteria that can survive in the stomach. After being infected with this bacterium, the stomach will secrete more acidic substances, so that the mouth will often feel sour, and the mouth will have sour smell. < / P > < p > once people get older, many people will have problems with high blood pressure and high blood sugar. After these problems, many people need to take drugs for a long time, and these drugs are easy to cause halitosis. < / P > < p > no matter how old people are, they all attach great importance to their personal image. Middle aged people have a lot of social pressure, and halitosis will make them very embarrassed. < / P > < p > in addition, the surface of the tongue is covered with many small protuberances, under which there are many bacteria and vegetable scraps, which are also the source of halitosis. Therefore, when you brush your teeth, it’s best to brush your teeth gently across your tongue to remove residual food and bacteria. < / P > < p > in fact, a large part of the middle-aged and elderly people’s halitosis is caused by weak intestines and stomach. Some of them are infected with Helicobacter pylori, but they don’t know about it. This kind of bacteria can make old stomach disease recur, so it is very important to nourish the stomach if you want to alleviate halitosis. As the saying goes, three parts of old stomach disease depends on treatment, and seven points depends on nourishment. Traditional Chinese medicine often uses a kind of food material with stomach nourishing formula, which is clove, which has become the “stomach tonic” in the field of flower and herb medicine. Clove can reduce adverse reactions and stomach, for stomach qi, stomach acid stomach distension, clove has an excellent effect. The special clove oil, eugenol, tannin and oleanolic acid in clove tea can relieve abdominal distension, increase gastric juice secretion and increase digestive capacity. The oleanolic acid has inhibitory effect on Helicobacter pylori, pathogenic fungi, Staphylococcus, dysentery and Escherichia coli, and one of the reasons for the high incidence of gastric cancer is Helicobacter pylori infection. In addition, clove tea can reduce the amount of traditional Chinese medicine for those with stomach distension pain or spleen deficiency, or in the recovery period of spleen and stomach weakness, and should take clove tea to nourish the stomach. Although clove tea is not an expert in treating diseases, it is the best helper for regulating spleen and stomach. < / P > < p > with the following ingredients, they complement each other. If you drink it repeatedly every day, your stomach will get better every day, and Helicobacter pylori will also slip away. < p > < p > barley is sweet in taste, flat in nature, can be used to treat distension, eliminate accumulation of food, calm stomach and quench thirst. Barley contains a variety of trace elements and amino acids needed by the human body, which can help digestion, relieve greasy, nourish the stomach, warm the stomach and invigorate the stomach; < / P > < p > dry ginger is hot in nature, pungent in taste, and returns to the spleen, stomach, heart, lung and stomach meridians, It can regulate spleen and stomach, warm stomach, warm body, and promote health. < / P > < p > whether you are an office worker with poor daily habits or an elderly person with weak gastrointestinal function, you can often drink clove tea when you have halitosis. While strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, the breath is fresh, and the whole person has a lot of confidence ~ < / P > < p > the eating habits of middle-aged and elderly people are also very important. Eat less greasy and sugary food, and the food with more sugar will make you feel better Bacteria in the mouth, and greasy food to eat too much is not good for the spleen and stomach, the body heat and humidity will become heavy, easy to cause halitosis. < / P > < p > eating more vegetables and fruits, eating more coarse grains, such as oats, can help us clean the dirty things in our teeth when chewing, and eating more helps to remove halitosis. < / P > < p > it’s not easy to code words. If you feel that it’s useful and troublesome to “like + forward”, you can also send it to the people who love you. Let’s have a good health ~ < A= https://luanban.com/category/focus/page/2/ target=_ blank>2