Why does an Yixuan’s pregnant belly photo become popular? The doctor gave an explanation

The stars who return to work after childbirth are always concerned. Recently, when Tang Yixin attended the activity, careful Netizens found that in the past, Tang Yixin was mainly cute and sweet. After being a mother, she had a gentle and steady temperament. As expected, “being a mother is just”, and all the mothers in the world are the same “baby protector”.

recently, an Yixuan, who is not far away from the delivery date, has also shown his latest photos. In the photo, an Yixuan steps on high-heeled shoes and appears in the same frame with her husband and her own Dabao. With such a bright smile, netizens exclaim: such love and family are simply enviable!

many people record their pregnancy and baby growth by taking photos during pregnancy, and an Yixuan is no exception. Looking at her delicate makeup and fashionable collocation, people can’t help feeling envious. After all, attractive figure and beautiful face are what every woman likes. Appreciating beauty has always been a common feature of human beings.

in addition to appreciation, some people raised such a question: “why do female stars have long babies but no meat?” In the photo, an Yixuan has thin arms and legs. Most of the ordinary people get out of shape and edema when they are pregnant. But if you look at her again, it seems that nothing has happened.

many people think that keeping in shape should be after giving birth, but they don’t pay attention to prenatal care. The amount of money spent will not directly affect the quality of nursing care. The reason why female stars have such a situation during pregnancy is because of their professional particularity, which makes women strictly manage their bodies.

the happiness of “long fetus but not long flesh” is too strong. How can we do this? Don’t worry, these aspects are done, you can also be pregnant without meat.

obstetricians and gynaecologists said that “keep your mouth shut” is an important measure to keep your body shape during pregnancy. Whether pregnant or not, the majority of women’s weight gain is due to “eating too much”, fat accumulation and lack of exercise.

therefore, if pregnant women want to keep fit during pregnancy and develop healthy and balanced eating habits, it is the most important thing. Pregnant women may as well eat more grains and vegetables when taking in a lot of nutrition, so as to ensure that their daily energy intake is in a balanced state.

“keep your mouth shut and keep your legs open.” this is what doctors often say to friends who are trying to lose weight. In the matter of weight control, in addition to the special constitution during pregnancy, the situation is not general. In fact, many aspects are OK. When pregnant women are pregnant, due to the protection of the fetus, they will reduce the amount of exercise, which brings a favorable opportunity for “long meat”.

therefore, in a safe environment, pregnant women can exercise properly, which can play an effective role in maintaining the body shape of pregnant women and promoting fetal metabolism, killing two birds with one stone.

I would like to remind you that safety is very important for pregnant women during pregnancy. Please remember not to eat the wrong food or move the fetal gas because of the appearance. Find the right way and you can stay beautiful.

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