Why does lung cancer develop into the first cancer? Reminder: one place of the body has been infected for many times, so we need to be alert

According to the data, we found that lung cancer has become the first incidence rate of cancer in our country. Many of them have reached the advanced stage of cancer when they are examined. And look at the trend of the data, the number of lung cancer patients is growing every year. Most of the time, the patients with advanced lung cancer are much worse than the patients in the early stage when they are treated. This is also the reason why the survival time of patients with advanced lung cancer is longer than that of patients with early lung cancer.

in fact, we can find that the early attack of lung cancer can not be found only by the abnormal symptoms of the body. Now lung cancer patients are getting younger and younger, many lung cancer patients are waiting until their own hemoptysis, chest tightness and other circumstances to come to the hospital for examination, but this is also the cause of lung cancer patients in the examination, was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Sometimes when lung cancer patients develop to advanced stage, it is too late for surgery. So missed the best treatment, and then choose other options will appear when the treatment effect is not good. So here’s to remind you that if your body is infected many times in the same place, you must be alert. It may be lung cancer.

when the lung is infected many times, you need to pay attention to it. It may be lung cancer. Like pneumonia if repeated attacks, then it may increase the chance of lung cancer attack. Just like the human body, if you often hit the same place, there will be bruise at the beginning of that place. If you hit the same part again when the bruise is about to get better or not, there will still be bruise at the same part. If you hit it several times, which part of the body will cause redness It will be necrotic. The lung is the same, if the lung is often infected, then the risk of cancer will increase a lot. So in peacetime must pay attention to, don’t let the lung always repeated infection.

the first mistake is that if there is a nodule in the lung, it must be removed surgically. Such an idea is unscientific. The nodules on the lung do not have to be surgically removed. There are also some better pulmonary nodules, which generally do not need to be surgically removed.

the second misconception is that lung cancer will not live long in its advanced stage. This idea is also one-sided. Everyone’s physical condition is not the same, the absorption effect of treatment is not the same, so the survival time is not the same. There are some patients with advanced lung cancer whose survival time is not too long, but there are also some patients with advanced lung cancer who can survive for a long time, so we have to take a comprehensive view.

the third mistake is that if you don’t smoke, you won’t get lung cancer. This idea is unscientific, smoking people they have a high risk of lung cancer, but does not mean that people who do not smoke will not have lung cancer. Just like those who work in chemical industry or those who work in dusty industry, they have a high risk of lung cancer. So lung cancer is not determined by smoking, smoking is only a cause of lung cancer. 08/16/2020