Why does quitting smoking always fail? Don’t worry! Understand the reasons and help you get through the smoking cessation period

This is because the “magic” of cigarettes is really too great. People who smoke for a long time can’t do without it every day. The feeling of puffing and puffing is immortal. This is the so-called smoking addiction.

Why is it difficult to quit smoking? Because it’s hard to pull out. People in the process of quitting smoking will appear a variety of discomfort symptoms, a little weak willpower will stand on the cigarette engraved surrender, all become futile. Quitting smoking is a process of breaking through the barrier. You have to go through many hurdles to eliminate all the big and small boss in the middle of the way to win the final victory. Otherwise, great Xia, please come back again. I’m here to give you ready to quit smoking friends a suggestion: before starting to quit smoking, now understand what difficulties will be encountered in the process of quitting smoking. The success rate of quitting smoking will be greatly increased if psychological preparation is made in advance and coping strategies are planned.

not long after you start quitting smoking, you will feel shortness of breath and often shortness of breath. This is due to long-term smoking, tobacco burning makes the amount of carbon monoxide in the body increase, after entering the blood, it affects the normal transportation of oxygen in the blood. Red blood cells will be disturbed by carbon monoxide for a period of time, so after quitting smoking, people will be more sensitive to the symptoms of body hypoxia, resulting in shortness of breath. Don’t be nervous. It will ease as you quit smoking.

after quitting smoking, people will feel hungry easily. This is because nicotine in cigarettes has been suppressing your appetite when smoking, and you are not easy to feel hungry at that time. After quitting smoking, without the interference of nicotine, your appetite will come back again. Before the lack of nutrition, it will make you want to eat more. Take advantage of appetite recovery, good management of your diet, make up for the next smoking process of the body caused by it.

after quitting smoking, your sleep quality will decline, which can be divided into two extremes. A person will become extremely excited, even to sleep point is not sleepy, toss and turn hard to sleep, or even simply insomnia. Even if sleep, sleep quality is not high, often easy to dream. The other is just the opposite. After quitting smoking, they become particularly sleepy. This is because of the excessive intake of nicotine in cigarettes before smoking, which has a refreshing and stimulating effect on people. After quitting smoking, the supply of nicotine stops, and people will suffer from abnormal fatigue and drowsiness, and those who sleep much still feel tired.

after quitting smoking, you often cough. Don’t worry. It’s not pharyngitis or lung problems. On the contrary, it’s a phenomenon that your lungs are repairing themselves and getting better. Because after quitting smoking, your lung function gradually returns to normal, and the toxic substances accumulated in the lung will be discharged by coughing. You cough more and your lungs are clean.

after quitting smoking, you may often suffer from oral ulcer, mouth corner and gingival inflammation. This is due to the sudden decrease of trace elements entering the mouth without the interference of tobacco burning substances, which results in the sensitive reaction of oral mucosa. This is a normal phenomenon after sudden changes in the body, don’t worry, although it is very painful, think about the victory in front, bite a tooth and stick to it.

quitting smoking also leads to constipation, which is also an maladjustment symptom due to the sudden loss of tobacco stimulation in the intestinal tract. You see, tobacco is really poisonous, it does harm to your body, but also let your body rely on it, so that when driving it away, it also tempts the body to resist you.

there are so many things happening in the process of quitting smoking. If you don’t know in advance, it’s really hard to get through it. After fully understanding the possible withdrawal reactions, if you can maintain a resolute attitude to quit smoking and use the method of attention diversion to alleviate the temptation of smoking addiction again in the process of quitting smoking, I believe you will be able to successfully pass the difficult period of quitting smoking! CUISINE&HEALTH