Why does Sullivan stand at the top of the industry? Ingredient formula is more important than concentration?

North nose, I’m your little card. In fact, there are not a few cosmetic brands coming out in the past two years, but none of them is too hot. Wis and other balabalabala brands that have spent a lot of money on marketing are not “too cool”, but they are not as hot as they were at the peak. If we look at the long-term development, we have to look at the top three cosmetics groups in the world.

among them, Estee Lauder has the strongest layout. Shiseido Group specializes in some and its own characteristics, while L’Oreal is full-featured

affordable ladies. These three lines are very complete. L’Oreal achieved the position of the world’s first cosmetics group in that year, which is inseparable from its powerful marketing and management methods.

among them, xiulike is regarded as a professional indicator recognized by the industry, and it can also be called the top brand in the industry, winning its reputation. Moreover, the rise of the component party has made more and more people realize the benefits of “ingredient” and stop blindly pursuing brand value. This is actually the dividend period of xiulike, because most of xiulike’s achievements are partial to the minority Now it’s a little bit more user-friendly

the formula problem has been talked about countless times. Before, we always compared to Olay. Let’s talk about it again. The compatibility of the formula is far greater than that of the formula which is simply piled up with ingredients. For example, OLAY takes the safety, effect and sense of use into consideration. The concentration of 5% nicotinamide is just good, but Nicotine itself is collocation and other whitening pathways are not very good.

coordinates sugar and kelp extract with aniline, so that its own whitening pathway is less and the effect is not particularly good nicotinamide immediately. TO and its 10% pure nicotinamide are 150 times the irritation of OLAY. Say Some are happy, others are sad.

it will not be like some brand pure pile concentration. Xiuli can achieve high concentration and also be able to coordinate ingredients to create a good formula. The research and development of this formula is also a lot of expenses. Therefore, having our own laboratory is one of the foundation of the top, and Xiuli is worth it.

I believe that many people choose surico, in addition to the better formula, is the concentration of ingredients. Another is that its bosein and Lancome high-end series Jingchun and Heijin series andhr Helena black-and-white bandages are of maternal level, but the price is very cheap. The formula is well coordinated, the concentration is high, and the price is also cheap. In fact, it is not much worse in the sense of use. Natural selection There will be more people.

to be honest, the first impression that Xiuli Ke gave me was that the bottles and jars in our R & D room were very similar in all aspects, giving people a sense of being very professional. Although it is indeed very professional, it really gives people different sensory feelings. It really feels very rigorous and professional, and it has the temperament of our professor

in doing it In fact, it’s very good to consider the user’s feelings as far as possible in a professional way. It’s no problem to live for a long time. However, Xiuli Ke has a lot of Sao operations every year, especially in large shopping festivals such as Shuang 11 and 12618. Xiaoka still remembers the set of page by page operation of xiulike’s live room on double 11 last year. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this