Why does the doctor ask “first or second child” for prenatal examination? The reason should be understood as soon as possible

Many couples will be asked the question of “is it the first or the second child” during the birth examination. Some couples feel a little puzzled. Why do doctors ask such questions? What’s the difference between the first and the second?

especially for pregnant women who are slightly older, we must be cautious about this problem. Pregnant with the first child and having a second child are totally different. Here we will analyze this problem in detail to see what aspects pregnant women should pay attention to.

as the mother of a second child is old, she needs to be prepared for the birth examination. It is hard to wait for the opening of the second child policy. Many mothers are “struggling” to have a second child. In fact, their physical condition is not as good as before.

it’s very dangerous for elderly mothers to give birth to children. On the one hand, their own physical capacity is poor, on the other hand, the development of the fetus will also be affected. Therefore, if the elderly maternal to second child, must carry out a comprehensive prenatal examination.

the second child has a high probability of umbilical cord around the neck. It is really a nightmare for all pregnant mothers to pay special attention to “umbilical cord around the neck” when waiting for labor. Many newborns will be injured or even die because of the umbilical cord around the neck every year.

if a pregnant mother has an umbilical cord around her neck during her first pregnancy, it will be more likely to occur in the second pregnancy.

the way of giving birth to the first child will affect the way of the second child. If the first birth is natural, then there is no need to worry too much when giving birth to the second child. Probably the rate may be natural birth, and the probability of cesarean section is not very high.

the time for a mother with a second child to open a bone suture has become shorter. Many mothers have the idea that they have to wait so long for the first birth. If they give birth to a second child, don’t go to the hospital so early, otherwise they are waiting for the bone suture.

it won’t take so long to open the second bone suture, so when a woman gives birth to a second child, she must not wait at home. As long as there is a sign that she is going to give birth, she will come to the hospital immediately.

for parents who have their first child, obstetricians will explain in detail various precautions to relieve the pressure of novice parents. But the parents of the second child don’t have such anxiety. They have experience in having children.

so obstetricians may be a little more concise when explaining the precautions to parents. But anyway, parents should pay attention.

keeping a happy mood is the most important thing for pregnant women. Keep the mood happy, only then can have the good physical condition. In ordinary life, it is inevitable to encounter things that are not satisfactory, so we should pay attention to adjust their own mentality.

it is also very important to pay attention to nutritional balance during pregnancy. Especially when pregnant with a second child, the age of the pregnant woman is older, and more attention should be paid to diet. If picky and anorexia are serious, you should see a doctor in time.

pregnant women must carry out the prenatal examination on time. Only after the birth examination can they understand the situation of the fetus in time and deal with the abnormal situation in time. If the production inspection is not carried out in time, there may be some problems.

now that the two child policy has been opened, many parents are ready to have a second child. Many women have reached the age of 35 plus, but still want to seize the time to have a second child.

if the first birth of a pregnant mother is natural, there is no need to have too many tangles when giving birth to a second child, whether it is a natural birth or a cesarean section.

if a pregnant mother gives birth to her first child by caesarean section, then we should pay attention to it when giving birth to a second child. If it is dangerous to have another caesarean section, we should also ask the doctor’s advice.

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