Why does the doctor ask: is it the first or second child

As China’s aging population is aggravating, the state has liberalized the control of family planning and issued the two-child policy. This makes many parents of one-child into the second child pregnancy. Although this is the second time, the pregnant mother is relatively experienced, but the examination should be done as well.

Xiao Liu is very thin. It was found out that she was pregnant last year, which makes a family happy. Her husband’s face is wearing a smile every day. One night, Xiao Liu went to the supermarket downstairs to buy things. The temperature was very low and the ground was frozen. She slipped and fell to the ground, but she didn’t have a big deal. However, due to her weak body, the child had a miscarriage.

this is a very sad thing. Xiao Liu is deeply remorseful for protecting his children. However, with the comfort and encouragement of his relatives and husband, this matter gradually faded into Xiao Liu’s memory. Later, she reorganized her mood and adjusted her body to prepare for pregnancy again. She is also one of the army of second child preparation, so she comes to the hospital for pregnancy test step by step, but the questions asked by the doctor remind Xiao Liu of the sad things.

the doctor asked, “is this your first or second child? Have you ever had a baby before? Husband in order to avoid Xiao Liu think of the sad things before, told a lie to the doctor, replied: “is the first child.”. Liu may be due to the last experience, pay more attention to the safety of the child, worried about whether the baby has any problems, the doctor asked, so he told the truth.

the doctor comforted Xiao Liu, told her that the baby was very healthy, but criticized her husband, because it was for the sake of the baby and the mother, and explained the reason behind the problem carefully. The pregnant mother should understand the “little nine nine” during the prenatal examination. The doctor asks “is it the first or the second child” for your own good.

generally speaking, mothers who have two children are generally older, and their physical fitness and childbearing age are not as good as those who have the first child. After mastering the basic information, the doctor will make a later examination plan and pay attention to the matters concerning the fetal development according to the personal situation of the pregnant mother.

Moreover, if it’s a second child, they also have certain experience. If they know the points to pay attention to and the way to treat special situations, the doctor will naturally give a general advice, which also speeds up the doctor’s work efficiency.

the first and second child need to pay attention to different items, so we need to do some targeted inspection. The umbilical cord around the neck of the second fetus is very likely. According to the data analysis, the second child has a higher probability of this situation, so we should tell the doctor truthfully to reduce the occurrence of this situation.

we all know that there are two ways of delivery: natural delivery and caesarean section, but the mode of production of the first child basically determines how the second child is delivered. If the first child is a natural birth, you can either continue the natural birth or choose a caesarean section; if the first child is a caesarean section, most of the second child also needs the same mode of delivery. However, if the interval between the two pregnancies is less than two years, the risk index of cesarean section is very high, which has great risk for pregnant women and fetus.

does the pregnant mother feel suddenly enlightened when she hears this? All in all, the questions asked by doctors are for the safety of us and our children. What we have to do is to answer all the questions and cooperate with doctors to give birth to a healthy baby! Focus