Why does the person not old tooth loosen? These bad habits are the main culprits, we must correct them in time

Loose teeth is not a simple thing. If you don’t put the loose teeth in mind, the teeth will be broken sooner or later, and a series of troubles such as tooth extraction and denture installation will be troubled.

Nowadays, many young people will also send private letters to tell us why people have loose teeth when they are not old. In fact, it also has something to do with your bad habits in daily life. These bad habits are the culprits of tooth looseness. If you have these bad habits, you must correct them in time.

now, whether adults or children, when they are thirsty, they don’t drink water well, but drink drinks with high sugar content. Foods with high sugar content will affect our gingival health, and drinks with high sugar content and carbonated drinks will do more harm to our teeth. Therefore, if we want to have healthy gums, we must put an end to all kinds of delicious drinks.

according to the investigation and analysis of scientific researchers of China’s health organization, most Chinese people brush their teeth in a perfunctory way, basically finishing brushing their teeth in dozens of seconds, and they can’t take away bacteria from their mouths.

so if you want to have healthy teeth, you should brush your teeth for no less than three minutes a day. In addition, when brushing can’t remove the food residue in the gap between teeth, you should also use dental floss to help. In recent years, electric toothbrush has become very popular. If family conditions permit, you can buy a regular electric toothbrush, because the frequency of electric toothbrush can shake out bacteria in the middle of teeth.

in addition to the above-mentioned bad habits, we should also pay attention to the consumption of toothpaste. Good toothpaste can protect our teeth and solve the problem of loose teeth, so that our teeth no longer have to be afraid of cold and acid food.

we usually brush our teeth. In addition to cleaning the mouth, it is more important to protect the gums and prevent the occurrence of periodontitis, which is a long-term care habit. Here we recommend a “Lihu Fang” which has been passed down for more than 400 years. It is composed of many herbs.

this formula was first used. The cold water stone and green salt solved the problem of “stomach fire on inflammation”. Generally speaking, it lost stomach fire. We also used plum slices to solve the problem of insect teeth, which is now called dental caries. More importantly, there are Virginia lucidum, Herba Eclipta, tonifying liver and kidney, can play a role in strengthening teeth.

just use it instead of toothpaste to brush your teeth in the morning and evening every day. It can not only clean the mouth, but also protect the gums, which is of great benefit to “bleeding, swelling, atrophy, tooth pain and tooth loosening”.

for example, after eating lemon or orange, some people think that acidic food will seriously corrode teeth, so they will immediately brush their teeth. However, after teeth contact with acid substances, the enamel that protects our teeth will also soften. If we brush our teeth immediately, we will take away the enamel and other minerals that protect our teeth.

so you don’t have to brush your teeth immediately after eating acidic food, drink some light tea or eat some sugar free chewing gum, just to help saliva secrete and dilute acid substances. Focus