Why does Yi Nengjing dare to be cute and coquettish when she is old? If I can have her face, I will be more cruel

As we all know, although Yi Nengjing has been on the stage for a long time, she rarely appeared in front of the audience for a long time after she decided to return to her family. < / P > < p > it was only when she appeared that she really returned to work with her most authentic appearance. If you just look at Yi Nengjing’s face, I believe many people can’t believe that she is a 52 year old woman. < / P > < p > no matter in the variety show or in the interview video, what we see seems that she always keeps the appearance of a “girl”, and always speaks carelessly. At the sight of Yi Nengjing like this, many netizens feel very puzzled: why does Yi Nengjing dare to be cute and coquettish when she is old? Isn’t she really embarrassed? No matter how old a woman is, she always has a “girlish heart”. However, due to the aging of face or body, many women will choose to hide this girl’s heart deeply and not let anyone find it. < p > < p > and Yi Nengjing just happened to be the real and lovely person who didn’t choose to hide himself. Besides her optimistic and open-minded attitude, her “face” has also made a great contribution to maintaining her girlishness. < / P > < p > normally, a woman over 50 years old should have obvious wrinkles, sagging Apple muscles, and a slightly changed complexion. However, we can’t find these skin problems from Yi Nengjing’s face. < / P > < p > in fact, the reason why she can keep her skin young is that she has mastered the correct skincare skills. If skin care is done right, it will naturally be easy to freeze. < / P > < p > after continuous “deep pickling”, we finally found the core item of Yi Nengjing’s frozen age: fanmilin lady cream. This “treasure product” is known by many beauty bloggers as lazy person cream, and it not only has spread all over the cosmetics world, but also has won the love of Jin Sha, Huang Shengyi, Annie Yi and other elder sisters by virtue of its powerful effect. < / P > < p > whenever our sisters use Amway’s own skin care products on their personal social platform, we can always see the figure of “fanmilin lady cream”. Next, let’s see what’s special about this lady cream with Mianmian! < / P > < p >} deep sea pearl: speaking of the ingredients of fanmilin lady cream, mianmianmian should first praise the “deep sea pearl” in the four ingredients. Girls who have a certain understanding of beauty all know that Pearl ingredients have the effect of brightening skin color, it can make the skin become more transparent. < / P > < p > and the deep-sea pearl ingredient in fanmilin lady cream is the “upgraded version” of ordinary pearl ingredient. Because it is the essence of deep-sea pearl, including 18 kinds of amino acids and fence elements, it can not only make your skin white and transparent, but also make your skin look more tender and smooth, as if it has its own “skin grinding” effect. < / P > < p > ★ hydrolyzed placenta extract: fanmilin not only has the deep-sea pearl ingredients of beautiful skin, but also has the hydrolyzed placenta extract rich in protein, which can effectively relieve the skin and make the skin get double care. Full of soothing factors and nutrients, can make your skin look more moist; < / P > < p > – ginseng essence: ginseng essence not only has the effect of replenishing skin moisture, but also can enhance our skin vitality, make your skin look more elastic, even the fine lines on the face will be effectively weakened; < / P > < p > – rose oil: fanmi The high quality rose oil in linguifu cream can deeply moisturize the face skin and make your skin “beautiful” from the inside to the outside. Not only that, it can also nourish and recuperate the damaged skin while moistening and moisturizing, and make your skin return to “young” state. < / P > < p > from the above luxury ingredients, we can know their corresponding main functions, which are the core functions of fanmilin lady cream, and also the important reason why it can win the public’s love. Here, mianmianmian also summarizes these effects as follows: < / P > < p > the core effect of fanmilin lady cream can meet the needs of people of different ages. For example, office workers who need to stay up late and work overtime for a long time will inevitably have more or less skin problems in the case of family pressure and multi screen radiation of mobile phones and computers. < / P > < p > at this time, if you can have a fanmilin lady cream, you can drive away a series of skin problems, such as dry skin, increased fine lines, obvious flaws and so on.

there is a lot of difference between the texture of Lady Maureen paste and the cream that we usually use. In order to moisturize the skin, a lot of face cream will feel more sticky after the face. There are even many oilskins girls who use face cream. They will also feel oily and embarrassed. < / P > < p > when smeared on the face, its texture is like ice cream touching the face, soft, very light, very comfortable on the face, good ductility. < / P > < p > in fact, mianmianmian couldn’t help but start when she discovered the existence of this “immortal” Lady cream. After the personal test, Mianmian found that this lady cream is really the most valuable skin care product I have ever bought.

many cream can only moisturize, but this cream can not only moisturize and moisturize, but also brighten up the complexion. For me, a girl with obvious blemishes on her face and black and yellow skin, this lady cream is the “savior”.

from the above beauty bloggers share the evaluation chart, we can clearly see that the cream of this lady cream, beauty skin, Concealer effect, are first-class. On the face, not only does the whole face look more moist, but also some skin defects, such as redness, spots, acne marks, have disappeared. < / P > < p > the face that didn’t look so perfect was successfully attacked as “milk muscle” after using fanmilin lady cream. No wonder this lady cream won the “bazaar international beauty award 2020”. In front of the camera, Yi Nengjing once said that after persisting in the use of fanmilin lady cream for a period of time, her skin condition has obviously changed. < / P > < p > this is the strength of fanmilin lady cream, and it is also the reason why Yi Nengjing can maintain a “frozen age” state and be confident enough about her own appearance. When seeing Yi Nengjing’s performance in various variety shows, many audiences may not understand why Yi Nengjing still dares to be cute and coquettish when she is old? In fact, to tell the truth, if I could have her face, I would be more cruel. After all, such a girl full of sense, people can not see the traces of the years of the face, who would not see the heart? < / P > < p > if you also want to be like Yi Nengjing, fearless of age and keep your skin “young”, you might as well try this kind of fanmilin lady cream that your sisters are using. I believe you will be surprised by it! Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not