Why eat radish in winter and ginger in summer? Ginger is good for summer

In summer, the body “Yang Qi in the surface, stomach deficiency cold” is easy to produce diarrhea disease; in winter, the situation is just the opposite, Yang Qi inward, in the state of collection, outside the Yang Qi deficiency is less, in the inside of the accumulation of Yang, so the performance of the cold geothermal. Corresponding to the person, it is “Yang Qi in the interior, upset heat in the stomach”. In short, Yang Qi is on the surface in summer, and the stomach is deficient and cold. Eating ginger can warm the stomach and strengthen the spleen. Due to the hot summer, people tend to drink cold. And excessive consumption of cold things, blowing air conditioning too cold for too long, are easy to damage the spleen and stomach Yang Qi, then eat some ginger, can play the role of dispersing cold and heat, appetizer and antidiarrheal. < p > < p > method: slice ginger, put the sliced ginger into a glass bottle, pour rice vinegar or aged vinegar, and seal the ginger, and refrigerate for a week. < p > < p > note: ginger is spicy and warm in nature. If a large amount of ginger is taken orally, it may lead to dry mouth, sore throat, kidney damage and conjunctivitis, so the consumption of ginger should be appropriate. Focus