Why give birth early? Look at the gap between elderly pregnant women and school-age pregnant women, you will know

When it comes to giving birth, many old people will say, “it’s better to give birth early.” And young people always feel that I haven’t had enough fun. It’s too late to have a baby. As a result, they drag themselves into an old woman. Although older women can give birth, in this process, older women will face more problems. < / P > < p > Nana is 35 years old. Although she has been married for many years, her parents are also urging her husband and wife to have children quickly, but they always shirk because they want to play more years. At the age of 35, Nana was pregnant and had a baby. Unexpectedly, the baby was born, but Nana herself suffered a lot. < / P > < p > because the fetus was too big, the doctor considered that she was too old to allow her to have a natural birth easily, so she had to have a caesarean section. Unexpectedly, the wound was not well protected after discharge, and she was infected, so she went to the hospital for infusion and injection, and the baby couldn’t even eat milk. At the moment, she regretted that it was better to have a baby earlier. If it was natural birth, she would not have so much trouble. Even if you choose caesarean section when you are young, you can get better recovery. In fact, in addition to the problem of postpartum recovery, what difficulties will elderly women face? Compared with school-age mothers, they may face many more problems. < / P > < p > the most important factor for a baby’s health is heredity. Therefore, there are high requirements for both husband and wife’s sperm and eggs. Women are faced with all kinds of pollution in their work and life, the quality of eggs will be affected, and with the growth of age, the eggs will also appear aging. So the later you get pregnant, the lower the quality of the eggs. The best pregnancy age for women is 25 years old, when the eggs are in the best period of quality. And the eggs are gradually reduced, the later the pregnancy, the lower the chance of pregnancy. < / P > < p > it is well known that natural birth is better for both the mother and the fetus than cesarean section. But as women get older, their chances of having a natural birth decrease. With the increase of women’s age, the compression capacity of the uterus becomes worse, the opening and closing speed of the uterine orifice slows down, and the elasticity of the birth canal is not enough. If the delivery time is too long, it will bring risks such as bleeding and fetal hypoxia, so it is more suitable to choose caesarean section. And caesarean section also brings great pain to puerpera. < / P > < p > compared with natural delivery, cesarean section is open trauma, which will cause more blood loss. Especially in the process of postpartum lochia excretion, nurses squeeze hard on the wound, which makes many puerpera afraid when they think about it. Other natural birth mothers have been walking on the ground, holding the baby to breast feed, and the mother of caesarean section can only endure the pain to breast feed. Moreover, the parents of the elderly mothers are also older, so it is inevitable that they are lack of energy in caring for the mothers and children. Sometimes the elderly mothers need to spend more energy to do it by themselves. These processes affect their postpartum recovery speed. < / P > < p > no matter from which aspect, the elderly puerpera are not as relaxed as the right-age puerpera, and they are faced with great physical and psychological pressure. However, it can not be said that elderly mothers are not suitable for giving birth. As long as do enough preparation, heart has a huge love for the baby, everything is not so difficult. < / P > < p > the physical condition of the elderly puerpera may not be as good as that of the right age puerpera, so it is necessary to carry out scientific pregnancy preparation before pregnancy. For example, exercise, do a good pre pregnancy physical examination, adjust your body to the best state. In addition, the husband of the elderly maternal is usually not young, so the husband also needs to enter the pregnancy preparation state, such as smoking and drinking, and checking the sperm quality, etc. Strive to minimize all the factors affecting the baby’s health. < / P > < p > the elderly puerpera are more likely to face the problem of accidental abortion than the right age puerpera, so it is particularly important to choose the appropriate way of exercise. You can’t do no exercise at all, because no exercise will cause maternal overweight and increase the risk of cesarean section. Moderate and effective exercise is the first choice for elderly women. For example, slow freestyle, slow yoga and so on. Without these conditions, it’s a good choice to take a half-hour walk every day. < / P > < p > daily prenatal examination is a must for every pregnant woman, especially for elderly women. There are many hidden problems, so frequent prenatal examination is more important. Prenatal examination can screen out whether the fetus has genetic diseases, dysplasia, normal fetal position and so on. But some pregnant women are greedy for convenience, and think it’s particularly troublesome to queue up for inspection in the hospital, so they always miss or don’t check. These are not desirable, every item of the production inspection has its necessity, must not be missed. < / P > < p > pregnancy and childbirth is a matter full of twists and turns, for school-age mothers, they have to go through several tests. What’s more, there are many other problems in addition to the daily difficulties of elderly mothers. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is suggested that girls should have pregnancy and childbirth at the right age, instead of artificially challenging the high difficulty. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so