Why half of the world’s liver cancer occurs in China? Keep away from carcinogens hidden around you

According to statistics, the incidence rate and mortality rate of liver cancer in China are over 50%, and about 380 thousand people die of liver cancer every year. The number of liver cancer patients in China accounts for about 55% of the total number of liver cancer patients in the world, and more than half of the new liver cancer cases occur in China every year.

thrift is a traditional virtue in China. The older generation is used to frugality. When they see that the moldy food is not particularly serious, they will continue to eat, or cut off the moldy part and continue to eat the rest of the good part, but this will make people unintentionally ingest aflatoxin.

aflatoxin is a pathogenic factor of liver cancer and has strong toxicity. Excessive intake can lead to acute liver failure. If only a small amount of intake, will also cause damage to liver cells, leading to chronic liver poisoning, increasing the risk of liver cancer. The survey found that the incidence rate of liver cancer is high in the high level of aflatoxin contamination in the diet.

hepatitis B is the main cause of liver cancer. If the disease is not controlled in time, the development path of hepatitis B, cirrhosis and liver cancer will appear. Medical statistics show that more than 90% of primary hepatitis B are hepatitis B patients.

there are a large number of hepatitis B patients and virus carriers in China. There are more than 70 million people carrying hepatitis B virus, and more than 28 million people have been diagnosed with hepatitis B. Many patients do not pay attention to hepatitis B, get hepatitis B, not timely treatment, still continue to drink, smoking, do not improve living habits, which will increase the risk of hepatitis B into liver cancer. Eating and drinking

is not the reason for the high incidence rate of liver cancer. We are a big country in food and drink too much food. However, long-term excessive consumption of high-fat and high salt foods such as spicy hot pot, hot pot and barbecue will increase the metabolic burden of the liver, induce liver diseases such as fatty liver and increase the risk of liver cancer.

China’s wine culture has a long history and likes to drink in everything. Alcohol is the leading cause of liver injury, which can lead to hepatocyte necrosis and induce alcoholic fatty liver. If you don’t stop drinking, more and more hepatocytes will be necrotic, and the liver will be hardened and the risk of canceration will be increased.

abuse of traditional Chinese medicine will also increase the risk of liver cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine can be used for health care, but improper use will cause great side effects to the body. For example, traditional Chinese medicine containing aristolochic acid can lead to liver and kidney failure, liver cancer and uremia; Polygonum multiflorum, long-term overdose can lead to liver injury; star anise, long-term overdose will cause liver injury, induce liver cancer.

liver cancer is difficult to cure, prevention is the key! How to prevent liver cancer? First of all, to keep away from aflatoxin, hepatitis B virus, high fat and high salt food, wine and traditional Chinese medicine containing liver toxicity. Far away from hepatitis B virus, the way is to vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine as soon as possible.

secondly, we should understand the symptoms of liver problems. Most of the liver cancer is pulled out. If liver disease is not controlled, it can eventually develop into liver cancer. Liver problems, there will be poor appetite, yellow eyes, skin spider nevus, nausea, induced pain, urine yellow, face black, palm heart red, etc., the emergence of these symptoms, timely inspection and liver.

in addition, people over 40 years old and people at high risk of liver cancer should be screened regularly for liver cancer. The most important two tests are alpha fetoprotein and B-ultrasound. Because of the rapid onset of liver cancer, early intervention, but half a year can develop into late, so it is best to check twice a year. PARRENT&CHILDREN