Why is amniotic fluid called amniotic fluid, not bovine fluid? Key points: do these three points well and keep away from turbidity

Amniotic fluid, known as the “patron saint” of the baby, can play a role in alleviating external shocks, stabilizing the temperature in the uterus, inhibiting bacteria and reducing infection, lubricating after breaking water and disinfection of the birth canal. In fact, there is a word “amniotic fluid” in medicine, which is translated into Chinese as “amniotic fluid” for short. The origin of amniotic fluid has the meaning of “nourishing” and “Yang”, but its implication has the meaning of nurturing, sunshine and growth, but in fact, the most appropriate and scientific explanation is the amniotic fluid. < p > < p > because the fetus is wrapped in the amniotic membrane and grows and develops through the nutrient fluid in the amnion. Therefore, the clear amniotic fluid also represents that the baby can absorb more and better nutrition. < / P > < p > although I always want to have a natural birth, for the sake of the health and safety of the baby, a cesarean section was carried out in advance one month before the expected date of delivery, giving birth to a four Jin daughter. In fact, if you want to stay away from the muddy amniotic fluid during pregnancy, you must do these three points well. It can also help pregnant women with mild amniotic fluid turbidity to adjust themselves to normal levels. < / P > < p > even if you don’t like to drink, you should also drink an appropriate amount of water every day, 300ml once every 2-3 hours. This can help increase the amount of amniotic fluid, but also in the amniotic fluid turbidity garbage discharge body. < / P > < p > this condition often occurs in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. After pregnancy, when the pregnant mother is sleeping, try to use the posture of lying on the left side as far as possible, which is better for the baby. < / P > < p > after pregnancy, the stomach gets bigger and bigger every day, which will make it difficult for the pregnant mother to move. Therefore, some pregnant mothers will be lazy in personal hygiene, and the secretion during pregnancy will increase, which also gives the bacteria an opportunity. < p > < p > bacteria entered the pregnant mother’s body, resulting in amniotic fluid infection and amniotic fluid turbidity. The occurrence of this kind of situation is harmful to the health of pregnant mother and baby. Pregnant mother should pay attention to personal hygiene, change and wash frequently, and don’t be lazy. < / P > < p > there are a lot of seasonings, additives and salts in this kind of food, which can easily lead to gestational diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Toxic and harmful substances in food will increase the burden on the kidney, and it is difficult to be discharged. < / P > < p > this increases the possibility of entering amniotic fluid through blood sequence, resulting in amniotic fluid turbidity. Therefore, pregnant mother during pregnancy, eat less too heavy taste diet, as far as possible light diet. However, as long as it is within the normal range or the deviation is not very serious, it can be recovered after slow adjustment. But in serious cases, we must follow the doctor’s advice. < / P > < p > keep a good mood at all times, adjust healthy living habits, light diet, and ensure rest according to the doctor’s advice. Normal metabolism of pregnant mother also helps to restore normal amniotic fluid. Focus