Why is early pregnancy particularly easy to catch a cold? Doctor’s words point out the root, understand understand

When many women just got pregnant, they didn’t expect that they were pregnant and felt unwell, so they used to go to the drugstore to take cold medicine. Later, they found that their aunt didn’t arrive on time, so they began to check. Then they asked the doctor in a panic: “in the early stage of pregnancy, people’s resistance is the weakest, because the uterus wants to accept the fertilized egg, and the fertilized egg has half the gene From dad, the body will repel it. And in order to make the fertilized egg successfully implanted, the body needs to reduce its own immunity to accept this small life, so at this time the resistance is very weak, it is easy to catch a cold. ”

but we all know that we need to pay more attention to early pregnancy, especially not to take medicine indiscriminately. What should we do if we really have a cold at this time?

one of my sisters didn’t find out when she was pregnant with her first child. Then she felt a little dizzy, tired and didn’t want to eat in those two days, so she went to the drugstore downstairs to buy medicine. The boss was very responsible, asked her about her symptoms, felt wrong, did not sell her cold medicine, but suggested that she buy an early pregnancy stick for testing.

my friend went back to have a try, and found that there were two bars. After a few days, she went to the hospital for examination. She was really pregnant. She also went to the drugstore to thank the boss.

generally speaking, pregnant mothers realize their pregnancy through obvious pregnancy reactions such as amenorrhea and pregnancy vomiting. Here we should remind you that our bodies will have some feelings during the implantation of fertilized eggs.

implantation of fertilized eggs occurs 6-7 days after fertilization, and it takes 11-12 days to complete implantation. When implantation begins, the pregnant mother will feel cramps in her stomach and feel tired. This is due to the rapid increase of progesterone and the desire to sleep.

there is also a feeling of dizziness, even a little like the feeling after carsickness. Not only is dizziness, but also nausea, which usually lasts for more than 10 days and will end.

in addition, as the progesterone level will rise, the mammary gland will grow, more blood will flow to the breast, and the pregnant mother’s chest will have swelling and pain, which may last throughout the early pregnancy.

the last point is the frequency of urination. During early pregnancy, there will be frequent urination. Affected by the increase of uterus, the bladder will be stimulated and easy to urinate frequently, which will lead to the inability to hold back the urine meaning and cause leakage of urine.

we are familiar with colds. When we have a cold, we will feel tired, tired, sleepy, dizzy, and have poor appetite. When we smell greasy smell, we will feel nauseous. These reactions are similar to those of early pregnancy.

because many Baoma also know that the main function of cold medicine is to relieve the symptoms of cold, so that they will not be too uncomfortable when they have a cold. And the real fight against the cold virus is our body’s immunity. The cold cycle is generally 7 days. If it is not particularly uncomfortable, the pregnant mother should resist the first antibody!

if you have a bad cold, you can try non drug therapy, such as massage, etc., or you can go to the hospital to ask the doctor about the status of her pregnancy, and follow the doctor’s advice to get the medicine.

in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the standard of medication can be relaxed. Drugs such as ibuprofen can be used once or twice occasionally. However, pregnant mothers are still advised to see a doctor instead of taking their own medicine.

during pregnancy, mothers to be will be very careful, and the whole family will also worry about it. However, the early pregnancy in which children are not found is the blind spot of adults’ self-protection, so some treasure mothers lose their babies by accident when they don’t know it.

but if you use cold medicine when you don’t know you are pregnant, you don’t have to worry too much. Listen to the doctor’s advice. After examination, as long as the fetus has no problem, you can. After all, we may have done something easy to hurt the baby without knowing it.

in short, it is very important to discover in advance. If you really don’t realize it, you don’t have to worry too much. When you know the baby exists, you can take care of yourself and the fetus carefully! Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!