Why is gout more and more frequent? These four kinds of food may be more dangerous than seafood

Now more and more people have gout, which is related to the incorrect diet in peacetime. Those who are prone to gout have already had the disorder of purine metabolism. If they still eat high purine food, the substances in it will be digested by the body to produce excessive uric acid. When the concentration of uric acid increases, it can not be excreted in time, and the health will be threatened and easier Cause gout to worsen. Therefore, in the process of improving gout, the method should be reasonable, pay attention to the rationalization of diet, in addition to seafood do not eat, other high purine food should also be away from.

should avoid gout incidence rate and bean food should not be acquired in large quantities. Many people eat a lot of legumes for a long time. They think that eating more legumes can supplement rich plant protein. If they eat a lot of beans, their health will be threatened, which is more likely to lead to the increase of uric acid concentration. After the purine substances are obtained, uric acid can not be excreted smoothly, and the amount produced is large, which will make gout develop continuously. < / P > < p > to avoid the aggravation of gout, it is important to keep away from alcohol during the diet. Many people often drink beer, and in summer they like to eat seafood with beer. However, they do not know that excessive alcohol intake not only affects liver function, but also affects gout. < p > < p > beer is a kind of drink containing purine substances. If you drink too much, the body will produce more uric acid, which can not be excreted smoothly, and gout will aggravate. In order to effectively alleviate gout and reduce the prevalence of gout, it is also necessary to pay attention to reasonable diet and keep away from alcohol as far as possible to maintain a healthy state. < / P > < p > many people only know that excessive intake of seafood will lead to gout, but they do not know that animal viscera is also a risk, and they often obtain too much animal viscera. < / P > < p > in addition to easy intake of cholesterol and fatty substances in it to increase blood viscosity, it may also increase the amount of uric acid produced by the body and produce a large amount of uric acid with slow excretion speed, and gout is more likely to form when animal viscera are obtained in large quantities. Therefore, in the process of keeping away from gout, we should pay attention to the reasonable diet and eat less animal viscera. < / P > < p > to avoid the aggravation of gout, hot pot should not be eaten frequently. Many people like to eat hot pot at parties. Although hot pot is delicious, the soup bottom of hot pot is easy to accumulate various nutrients in food, and also contains many purine substances.

if hot pot hot pot is often drunk in hot pot, the purine substance is very large, and the body is difficult to maintain health. Uric acid will also increase in the performance, and the incidence rate of gout will increase. Therefore, in the process of keeping away from gout, this type of food should also be away from, through the way of reasonable diet control to promote health. Focus