Why is halitosis very serious, oneself can’t smell? What do you add when drinking water to get rid of bad breath?

Halitosis is one of the common diseases in life, which will bring great inconvenience to the daily communication of patients. Moreover, it is embarrassing that patients often can not smell the bad smell of halitosis, so it is difficult to notice that it has caused problems to others and affect their image. < / P > < p > there are four main reasons for halitosis. The first is that the oral cleaning is not in place, and food residue is constantly fermenting in the space between the teeth. The second is oral inflammation, and the third is gastrointestinal problems. In this case, patients will be accompanied with gastrointestinal symptoms, and the fourth is amygdala stones. < / P > < p > the reason why patients can’t smell their own halitosis is that the body has been used to this smell, and the soft palate behind the mouth is connected with the nasal cavity, so the nose often can’t smell the real smell of the mouth. < / P > < p > no matter what the cause of halitosis, patients should pay attention to oral hygiene, and develop the good habit of brushing teeth in the morning and evening and gargling after meals. What many people don’t know is that when drinking water, you can effectively avoid halitosis. Let’s learn more about it. Hawthorn can promote intestinal peristalsis, protect gastrointestinal mucosa, and has the effect of invigorating the spleen and appetizing. It has a good effect on relieving halitosis caused by gastrointestinal problems. Hawthorn tastes sour, and many people don’t like to take it directly. After soaking Hawthorn in water, the taste is very good, and the light sour feeling is very popular. You can also add appropriate amount of Lily in Hawthorn water to rationalize spleen and stomach The effect of clearing the mind and calming the mind can drive away halitosis more effectively. < / P > < p > the heavier the fire in the body, the more serious the halitosis will be. Putting an appropriate amount of licorice in the water can help the body to clear away heat and detoxify. When the fire in the body is reduced, halitosis will also be alleviated. Licorice as a common Chinese herbal medicine, easy to buy, brewing method is relatively simple, halitosis patients drink a little licorice tea, can effectively remove halitosis, but pay attention to licorice should not be overdosed, so take a small amount of water to drink each time. < p > < p > lemon can stimulate saliva secretion in the mouth, and avoid halitosis caused by dry mouth, stuffy nose and residual food fermentation in the mouth. The nicotinic acid and organic acid contained in lemon can have a very good bactericidal effect, which can freshen the breath, remove the bad breath and drive away the bad breath. Therefore, the patients with halitosis can drink more lemonade in their daily life. < p > < p > honey has always been a good health product. Its organic acids and active enzymes can promote intestinal peristalsis, promote digestion, moisten the intestines, and relieve halitosis caused by constipation. Drinking a cup of honey water every morning can help the body detoxify, expel excrement, drive away bad breath, and beautify, beautify and replenish energy. However, it should be noted that the honey can not be directly brewed with boiling water, which will destroy its nutritional components and greatly reduce its efficacy. It should be taken with warm water. < / P > < p > tea contains antibacterial substances, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, prevent tooth decay, freshen breath, and drive away bad breath. It is very effective to drink more tea and share it with you. When you drink tea, you can let the tea stay in your mouth for a long time before swallowing, which can inhibit the growth of oral bacteria and make the tea fragrance more effective in diluting the odor of halitosis. If you want to remove bad breath, green tea is the best choice in tea. Green tea contains tea polyphenols and flavonoids, which have a very good deodorization effect. < / P > < p > the above is about the introduction of drinks to remove halitosis. The production methods are very simple. Patients with halitosis can choose according to their own preferences. In addition, good living habits are indispensable to get rid of halitosis and pay more attention to oral hygiene at ordinary times. For their own trouble of not smelling halitosis, you can wrap your mouth and nose with your palm, and then exhale with a big mouth. At this time, you can smell whether you have halitosis. CUISINE&HEALTH